Sunday, November 07, 2021

I put a small border on the 16 patch top, so that's done. It's a printed check material, offcuts from a backing and I decided to cut along the lines with scissors instead of using a rotary cutter. That worked for the strips that were cut parallel to the selvedge, but across the width of the fabric the pattern ended up very off-grain. So some of the borders were almost on the bias, and have a few ripples in the edges.. Not to worry, it will quilt out.

Keryn mentioned our very sudden storm and hail. Usually hailstones here are like round white marbles but I've never seen hail like this before. It came down with great force and made a deafening noise on the roof. Son Matt happened to be walking to a friends house when it started and pieces of it actually drew blood on his hands as he tried to shelter his head. Our back lawn looked like someone had emptied ice cubes all over it. Very strange goings-on indeed.


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