Thursday, August 20, 2020

 When Bonnie made her Jewel Box Star I liked it, but wasn't tempted to start one of my own. Then I saw Jo's version and decided I could start using some of the white based neutrals I'd been collecting. And use brighter, more modern fabrics.

The 2" squares were my leader-enders for a long time, and the four patches built up in a satisfying manner. Then I binge sewed a heap of the 3 1/2 hst and put together the small blocks in another session. For some reason I moved on to other things, and they've been sitting in a drawer ever since.

Determined to move the project along I got an old magazine and laid out the blocks in groups of four to get the star effect, one lot to each page. (you have to start at the back and move forward) This container with the magazine inside has 14 blocks laid out ready to sew. The bits on top were spares that had too many repeating fabrics to go together, and don't think I didn't try shuffling things around! There's only so much faffing around I can tolerate with a project I'm not really wedded to in the first place. I have to make more of everything anyway, and these leftovers will be absorbed into the new blocks.


Unknown August 21, 2020  

This is going to be a very pretty quilt!

Nancy O August 21, 2020  

You made me chuckle with your expression "faffing around"; my mother used to say "foofing", and now I say it, too! Isn't it funny how a made-up sounding word is instantly understood for what is meant? Thanks for the fond remembrance, and the charming blocks on view. Admiring you--and your twin--Stateside!

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