Tuesday, October 06, 2009

We've been so busy the poor blogging has suffered and I'm totally sick of the last post being up for so long. I've been doing some Big customer quilts and trying to stay within deadlines and I'm ready for a holiday right now.I can't show you the front of this quilt because it may be in a show soon, but the quilting is more obvious on the back anyway. There were quite a few 12 hour days in this, and my feet are aching at the thought of more working at the machine. This was all done freehand, including the ditch-stitching, except for a little corner motif that Keryn put in with the Statler. I had fun with the designing of the patterns, and would have enjoyed the stitching apart fom the deadline.

Now I can breathe a huge sigh of relief, get ready for the workshop we're teaching tomorrow, and then dash down to Adelaide on Thursday to deliver the quilt. It's not dull around here at least.

I know I've been doing too much stitching when I start thinking longingly of attacking the housework- right now I'd love to have a couple of hours to wash my floors and clean the bathroom. I must have really overdone it this time!!


Maggie A October 06, 2009  

Absolutely beautiful

sewprimitive karen October 06, 2009  

That quilting is absolutely phenomenal.

pdudgeon October 06, 2009  

looks like a 'best in show'quilting to me!
sounds like you could use some of those gel shoe inserts for your poor feet.i think we're all busy either piecing or quilting at this time of year.

Brenda October 06, 2009  

Looks amazing. When it's Ok 'd love to see the front.

Vicki October 06, 2009  

Breathtaking... makes me want to go practice my quilting more.

knitnoid October 06, 2009  

The quilting is simply gorgeous. I thought at first I was looking at a wholecloth quilt.

Tazzie October 07, 2009  

Oh my goodness, that is the most beautiful quilting I've ever seen!

julieQ October 07, 2009  

Gorgeous! I am sorry you are so busy, I hope you can get a break soon.

YankeeQuilter October 08, 2009  

Wow...to heck with the housework! Grab a glass of wine, put hose sore feet up and toast your work!

Joyful Quilter October 08, 2009  

WOW...Wow! I'm speechless, your quilting is beautiful. If the quilt is in a show I hope the back is also displayed because your quilting is a work of art.

Meggie October 10, 2009  

That quilting is just FANTASTIC!!

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