Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thankyou for all your kind wishes for Macca, he seems to have no troubles now that the thorn is gone, and the antibiotics have cleared up the infection. Staffies must have a high pain tolerance, they certainly are a tough breed.

This is a top I finished, using some orphan blocks from the bushfire quilts.
I had five 16 patch blocks leftover, and some pastel rails, so I combined them all into this low contrast design. It looks quite randomn, but is actually twelve blocks, which made construction easy. I have to piece a back for this now and quilt it and then send it off. We've still got a few donation quilts to put in a box, but most of them have all gone.
Wow that used a lot of fabric, I was really scratching to find pastels to finish this off. My stash has been thoroughly weeded out since I started making the donation quilts, and there's not a lot of 'expendable' fabric left. Most of what is left I really love, so that was an added benefit. When I open the drawers now it inspires me because it's all beautiful stuff, and not the dribs and drabs I'd saved for years.
And it makes me want to start Cutting! Time for some new projects I think, I've been very good about finishing old stuff, so I figure I deserve a little treat now.


marilyn October 31, 2009  

isn't it funny how we work through the drab stuff and save the best stuff? Why is that?

Lori in South Dakota October 31, 2009  

oh, I love cutting time!! It screams NEW PROJECT!!

pdudgeon October 31, 2009  

love this quilt! it's so pretty, and i love the 'surprize blocks' tucked in here and there.
Definitely gonna have to make one of these in pastels. Thanks again for more inspiration.

Meggie November 01, 2009  

I like the dreamy quality of this quilt. So pretty & unique!
Macca is just gorgeous.

Kathi November 02, 2009  

Good ol' Macca. Not all Staffies are tough- I have a mix that's the biggest sissy ever. I'm glad to hear he's back to good health.

Nancy November 05, 2009  

Would love to know if the pattern for "Glittering Stars" Talulah's pattern was in the book? I LOVE this quilt so much!!!!!! 2-21-06

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