Sunday, October 11, 2009

We had a hurried trip to Adelaide to deliver the quilt on Friday, and found ourselves with half an hour to spare before setting off home. We decided to visit a well known patchwork shop and see if we could surprise a blogging friend, but alas, no luck. We forgot it was school holidays and Tazzie wouldn't be there, but at least we know the way now.

Rob and Elisa are on holidays and came for a visit yesterday, it's so lovely to see them both again. They stayed the night and are doing the rounds of friends today while we teach another workshop at the hall. (That's three in one week, plus the show quilt, we're both exhausted)

I've been trying to fit in bits of sewing in odd moments; I have an old pile of double 9 patches finally set together and waiting for borders..

Another set of old blocks nearly set into rows...

And some bindings made and put away for whenever I can get to do some quilting for myself.

We'll have an early tea with Rob and Elisa tonight and I might be able to fit in some sewing after they leave, or I might just collapse into bed!


sewprimitive karen October 11, 2009  

How busy you have been! Just love your top/blocks.

Tazzie October 11, 2009  

I'm so sad to have missed you - it would be really nice we can catch up at the guild show next month, will you both be there?

julieQ October 12, 2009  

I am glad you had a few minutes just to enjoy the shop. Your progress is phenominal! Love the bindings made in advance, that is such a great idea.

Sally in SC,  October 12, 2009  

Hi Mereth. Love the second block and was wondering if you know it's "proper name"? Reminds me of the tricks we play at Christmas, often hiding small packages inside of large ones! My kind of quilt. The quilting on the show quilt is stunning. Wish you lived in the US!

Meggie October 13, 2009  

Ooh how organised you seem to be! I should try to get bindings just made up, for use as necessary.
Hope you have an early night, & sleep well.

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