Friday, October 23, 2009

We had a lovely day trip with the patchwork group on Monday, lots of laughs and a few bargains gained. I haven't taken a picture of the huge bagful I bought home, and I've got no where to actually put it once I've unpacked. I need to thin the drawers out a bit I think!

This is Tricia's, the first place we stopped, and everything was so cheap I went a bit overboard. There was another aisle like this and a room full of flannels and backings and homespun, amazing.

Who can resist fat quarters at that price, instead of $5.95? Not me. We went to another shop and then to a garden centre, and didn't get home until 7 that night. A good day out.

Macca has been having trouble lately with an infected foot. We took him to the vet a fortnight ago, and they made a cut trying to find a grass-seed or something that was causing the infection, but nothing showed up. Antibiotics helped for a week, and then it swelled up again and it was obviously still infected. He's so tough that he was still racing around on it, sometimes with blood pouring out, but nothing would slow him down. Today he went back again and they put him right out and did some more surgery, and this is what they found...

An acacia thorn nearly half an inch long that had gone in between his toes and worked itself up his foot. Poor boy! As we were leaving the vet said admiringly "That's one very nice dog you've got there", and I agree. At no time has he been grumpy or touchy or nasty with the other dogs, and he must have been in pain all the time. Good old Macca! I hope that his foot heals well and that's the end of his troubles.


sewprimitive karen October 23, 2009  

Oh Macca you are such a good boy!

BilboWaggins October 23, 2009  

Healing hugs to Macca, it is so hard when our babies are not well. Looks like he needs a nice little quilt to snuggle under whilst he sleeps off the anaesthetic!

Anonymous,  October 23, 2009  

I loved the story of your dog and the vet finding the thorn in his foot. Dogs are so special to us and I know you just hated seeing him in pain. I hope he heals fast and covers you in kisses! PattiO

Colleen formerly of South Africa October 24, 2009  

Loved the photo of the dog...poor dear. Also adored your madder quilt...and the red one. Lovely. Wonderful quilting too.

Meggie October 26, 2009  

Hugs to goreous Macca. What a hero!

Jenni October 26, 2009  

Good to see Macca on the mend. Staffys sure are tough.

Henrietta October 29, 2009  

We have those horrible things here too and have had the exact same problem with cows, who are not nearly as good and co-operative as Macca.
Lucky him to have a good and caring owner.

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