Thursday, September 24, 2009

This has been the strangest winter, I think we've had more storms than in the past few years put together. This last one was a doozy, and a cross between a rain storm and a dust storm. The light was so weird that people were just standing in the street staring at the sky and the yellow brown clouds. I tried to take some photos just before the rain came pelting down and it was so dark the flash on my camera was going off. No time to fiddle with settings, I barely made it back inside, and then we had several leaks to deal with in the workroom.
We've had lots of rain too, so the garden should appreciate that; now if the winds would go away I'd be quite happy.


sewprimitive karen September 24, 2009  

Oh, that dust/rain storm must have been phenomenal. You took such intriguing pictures. I'm still loving the Skinny Cross. Be sure to post when it's quilted.

pdudgeon September 24, 2009  

isn't it amazing when the sky does different things like that! hope your leaks weren't too bad.

Meggie September 25, 2009  

We had only dust, & are promised more tomorrow. We held off washing our car, as we had a feeling it might blow up again. Water is too precious. I really hate the fine layer of red dust in the house, even though we had the windows & doors shut.

Karen September 26, 2009  

The dust storm made our news here in the USA. Said the car washes were booming with business afterwards.

antique quilter October 01, 2009  

Love the pictures...yes we have been following this here in the news. Amazing dust storms

just love the skinny cross quilt from the last post...BUT that madder quilt has me amazed! great fabrics in there...
oh its such a great quilt
I hope you are keeping this quilt for yourself
it is just beautiful
I love madders

YankeeQuilter October 03, 2009  

Followed that in the news here...hope it has all cleared for you. (neat photo though!)

Julie in the Barn October 05, 2009  

Hello Mereth
I can't believe that I have only now discovered your blog. Kathie sent me with a link on her blog. I am in love with all your gorgeous scrap quilts. I especially love the one you posted on Aug 20. I know after reading your entire blog during the last 2 days that you draft patterns and never use printed instructions. Could you please share the measurements of that block? I, too, usually just draw things out with graph paper and pencil but that one looks a bit hard to calculate. I am mathematically challenged. I am so inspired by all the scrappy quilts you have made and shared here. Thanks so much.

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