Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The border is on the double 9-patch and a very boring top it's turned out to be. I absolutely loved making these blocks from the never-ending bags of strips from the patchwork shop, but the final result is a bit dull. Nothing to shout about, but at least it can be finished now, and probably donated to the bushfire quilt cause. But I've emptied another project box, and that IS something to celebrate!
I do plan to make another quilt using this pattern, it's so simple and satisfying to do, and the nine-patches make excellent leader-enders.

Sally wanted to know the proper name of the blocks I showed in the last post, but I don't know of one. I drew this on graph paper many years ago, as a variation on something else I was making. I've only ever called them my "Antique" blocks, because I wanted them to look old. I would be just as interested to know if they have a 'proper' name.

I set them into one piece this morning, and now I have to puzzle over borders. I'll take photos today and show you the results soon.


Sally in SC,  October 14, 2009  

Thanks for the block info Mereth! I'll follow suite and draft one for myself. If no "proper" name surfaces I think I'll call mine "a box in a box" after my family tradition of fooling each other at Christmas by using lots of boxes to confuse the reciever!

Tazzie October 14, 2009  

I love emptying a project box - it's one of the best things ever!

Meggie October 21, 2009  

Ha! We used to do what Sally does, with the boxes... I wonder when we stopped?
Perhaps with my little dog, whe I cried because she was all alone in this huge box, abandoned in the garage.

Rose Marie October 30, 2009  

Are you kidding .... I love this top! Once it is quilted, it will be gorgeous! There is something about 9 patch blocks that so appeal to me and I love your colour selections and everything.

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