Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I've decided to call this quilt "Surprise Party", thanks for the idea, Pam.

It's been quilted and is in the binding pile at the moment, so it's on it's way to being finished.

The backing was made from a pile of fairly yucky fabrics, cut into 10 1/2" strips and 6 1/2" strips. I sewed them into looong lengths and cut them off as needed. It went together quickly and used up a lot of fabric, which is just what I wanted.

And remember my Leader-Ender that I refused to race ahead and finish? The centre is in one piece now, Hurrah! K eryn thinks it isn't big enough and it's not symmetrical either but that doesn't bother me.
I've loved this project, but I'm ready for a different leader-ender. I think that may only turn out to be a pieced border for this, but that's fine with me too. I'm drawing ideas out on graph paper and fiddling with measurements so that's keeping me interested and every step brings me closer to having this totally finished. It was a great pattern to sew and pressed beautifully, I love it when it goes together so neatly.

So many squares, and all of them cut individually, no strip piecing in this at all. Three lots of old dusty pinks gone from the stash and gallons of scraps, gosh it's a good feeling!


Vicki W November 06, 2009  

I love your leader/ender project!

sewprimitive karen November 06, 2009  

Oh, that's a fabulous quilt.

julieQ November 09, 2009  

I love both quilts! Especially the soft colors of the first one, and the tiny squares in the second. And each one cut individually? Wow!

Meggie November 10, 2009  

The end result of that quilt is just fantastic. I love it!

pdudgeon November 27, 2009  

Awwww, thanks so much for naming that beautiful quilt "Surprize Party"! every time i see it i just love it.
I have a bundle of pastel flannels from Bunny Hill that i've been waiting to find just the right pattern for, and I think this is it!

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