Sunday, January 27, 2008

The top is in one piece and that's about all that can be said for it. It's not a pretty quilt by anyone's standards, but it's made from scraps and oddments of time and that's why it appeals to me. The 9 patches were pieced from the little offcuts we got from a shop-owner and most of the setting triangles were the leftovers from a quilt backing. The brown leaf sashing was a skirting remnant I bought 20 years ago, so I figure this top doesn't owe me anything. And I had fun making it, so it's all good.
I wanted to make a Hired Man's quilt, long and skinny, but that didn't use enough blocks. As it is, this setting only gobbled up 96, so I still have a few in the drawer. (47 to be exact, sigh.) Can't use Everything up, can I? Do you think these are OK dimensions for a Hired Man's quilt? It measures 71" by 47".

I was going to leave it without a border, but I think I might put 4" of something around the edge. I'll audition some fabrics later today. And I want to put Baptist Fans on it, the Statler will make short work of that.

My sewing room has french doors leading onto the sunroom, and I've got a rod hanging over them for photographing quilts. Today I turned the light off while the top was still hanging up and was entranced by the sunshine streaming through it. Makes the seams look like leadlight, doesn't it?If I didn't have to use the door I'd leave it there, it entertains me no end...


Donna January 28, 2008  

I'm sure if you were making this quilt for a hired hand, you'd have a very grateful hired hand given its generosity, but its proportions sure seem about right :-)

Carol E. January 28, 2008  

It's nice and long so anyone can curl up in it and be warm. I love it and whoever is or was hired will, too.

Tazzie January 28, 2008  

It is very cute indeed, what a wonderful way to use up bits and pieces. That does look fun with the light coming thru, I can see how you'd be entertained by it, it looks like a completely different quilt!

dot January 28, 2008  

Beautiful quilt. I certainly would like to be the hired hand that received this one. I love how a quilt looks with light shinning through. Makes it look like stained glass.

julieQ January 28, 2008  

Love your stained glass effect!! I would be loath to take it down too. It is just so pretty. Any hand would love it!


Carolyn January 29, 2008  

No matter what you think, I think this quilt is gorgeous! You do such beautiful work. And the look of the sunlight streaming through makes it breathtaking.

Joyce January 29, 2008  

Love the sunlight coming through the quilt. Good thing your seams are perfect!

meggie January 29, 2008  

Shows your neat seams! It is lovely, & the fact it is a sort of bonus from scraps makes it even better!

Jeanne January 29, 2008  

Doesn't it look gorgeous hanging there with the light shining through it? I love nine patch quilts and yours is wonderful!

Anonymous,  January 31, 2008  

Great quilt, and the size is perfect. Love the leaded glass effect.

Diane February 04, 2008  

I once asked Gwen Marston what the "proper" dimensions were for a hired hand's quilt. She replied that it depends on the size of the hired man! Yours looks great.

Anonymous,  February 05, 2008  

I think scrappy quilts are some of the prettiest! And they're a good example of being frugal with your fabric (although we all know there's a giant mountain of fabric yet to be used, and one can't resist adding more!)

I love the quilt! And it took me a moment to realize the stained glass pic had been altered to add the black lines. I love the effect though! I'd love to have stained glass windows in my house in quilt designs.

Anonymous,  November 14, 2009  

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