Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I've been really lax about replying to comments, so I'll have to try and cover all the questions you've asked.

Firstly, Henrietta, Keryn and I sell our patterns in America through Golden Threads, and Keryn has her own website here. Keryn is busy trying to get some new designs ready for release this year, always a stressful activity, and hopefully it will all go smoothly.
Carmel (Hi!) asked about the Disappearing Ninepatch instructions, but I can't remember using any in particular. Once I understood the concept I just made the block, but I did make some rules about tone.

These fabrics were all so wishy-washy, which is why I'm surprised the quilt turned out so nicely. I used 4 1/2" squares, as I didn't want it to end up too small. I put the darkest square in the middle and then pink or green in opposing corners. The lightest fabrics were in the centre of each row.

When I laid the ruler across the block to make the cut, I made sure that the 2" marking ( half of the finished size of 4") was a whisker under the seam allowance, that seemed to give me nice even halves.

Cut in both directions to give four quarter blocks ,

and then I rotated the pieces so I had either the pink meeting in the middle, or the green.

Easy as, and the small darker squares just gave it a bit of design. I think one of these made from novelty fabrics as an Eyespy quilt would be really good, and you could put pairs of fabrics in the corners, mix the blocks up after cutting and it would be like a game to pick the pairs in the finished quilt. I'll definitely make another one of these in the future, especially if I want to use up a whole pile of certain fabrics.
Also Nancy sent me an email about handpiecing eight point stars, particularly the centres. I'm going to get Keryn to take some pictures to illustrate how I do them, so I'll post that later.

My dear sister may have mentioned my 9 patches in her last post. I've been opening this drawer over the last few months, and in it is a stack of small Jacobs Ladder blocks I was making from Leader-enders. That's ok, there's about 30, and I wasn't planning on doing anything with them right away. But last week I pulled the drawer all the way out and discovered piles and piles of 3 1/2" 9patches at the back. Hmm, how many did I run up, again as leader-enders, just let me count them..........Over 140?!! How can that be, it was just a few scraps...! I've challenged myself to use them all in one quilt, but I don't think I'll succeed. Next post I should have them set into a top, or most of them. Somehow I never seem to be able to use up Every Last Little Bit, it's one of the Laws of Scrap Usage.


julieQ January 25, 2008  

Thank you for sharing the disappearing nine-patch instructions. I especially appreciate the words about value and tone; fabric and color choice is my greatest challenge. Love those baby nine patches! I know you will make something wonderful with them...

Donna January 25, 2008  

those mini- nine patches would make a wonderful split nine patch... yup, really small, but cool :-)--- evil grin here...

Deb Robertson Writes January 25, 2008  

Hi there, I kept hearing about leader/enders, can you tell me what you mean?? thanks so much.

meggie January 25, 2008  

I appreciate the instructions about the disappearing 9patches. I previously just didnt 'get' them at all!
Your leader/enders lead you in some fascinating directions!

Andrea January 26, 2008  

I love your little 9-patches. I've no doubt at all you'll have a quilt top done in no time at all - you're such a quick worker.

Anonymous,  January 27, 2008  

Oh, I would be so excited to find tons of little 9-patches hiding in the back of the drawer....

I am envious of your collection!

Sandy January 28, 2008  

140 small nine patch blocks sound like the edeal way to start Bonnie's Carolina Crossroads!

Malagueta February 03, 2008  

I love the cut up 9 patches. How clever!!

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