Saturday, January 26, 2008

I got a phone call today, from middle son Rob, asking if I could do a favour and babysit grandpuppy Curtis while they went to a barbque. Could I? Yep!!

This is the state of every rug in the house after Curtis skidded into town, delighted to see me again and doing laps of the rooms at a million miles an hour.

He's much bigger, and is still adorable, but his fringe had grown so much that I couldn't see his lovely brown eyes.He wouldn't let his mum cut it, but I've had more experience and after a brief tussle of wills.........
"I can SEE!!!"
His legs are longer than ever, his coat soft and curly and that tail just makes me laugh. He's a cross between a Britttany Spaniel and a Golden retriever, what I call Designer Mongrel. We can't think of a snappy name like Labradoodle or Schnoodle, but he's a good mix of genes, and a real character.

Quilt Pixie commented that the 3" 9patches could be made into Disappearing 9patches, ha ha. Yes, but a person would have to be totally stupid to even attempt that, wouldn't they? I mean, it was a joke, not a Challenge, surely. Because if someone saw it like that and spent an hour fiddling with tiny little pieces just to prove a point, they'd be a pretty sad sort of quilter, don't you think?

Besides, those little squares in the corners would be so tiny, the seam allowances would almost be wider.....
The little squares would measure 1/4" . Finished! No, a person would be totally insane to take this comment seriously. Nuts in fact.


antique quilter January 26, 2008  

curtis is so cute!!!!
I love that little quilt! 1/4" squares I am very impressed!
just adorable hope you hang it on the wall in your sewing room to enjoy every day!

Judith January 27, 2008  

Yes that person would really be crazy, but it looks very nice.

dot January 27, 2008  

Oh how nice to have crazy people in this world to do really neat stuff like this. It is just to cute. I like it.

Donna January 27, 2008  

welcome to the funny farm :-)

meggie January 27, 2008  

That crazy person did such a great job! Love the result.
Curtis is just adorable!!

Karen January 27, 2008  

I see that you visited my Blog. Thanks for telling me what a "chook" is. Cute!

tirane93 January 27, 2008  

you are my kind of crazy, girl! that tiny disappearing 9 patch is great.

and grandpuppy curtis looks alot like a blonde version of my happy bouncy zippy all go no stop dog. wanna come give him a haircut? please?

Mary Johnson January 27, 2008  

Yep, insane - a person would have to be insane!

YankeeQuilter January 27, 2008  

So what is wrong with a bit of insanity?! The quilt is adorable...almost as cute as the puppy and that is saying something!

Lindah January 28, 2008  

Where did you ever find that tiny little rotary cutter?! lol

Adorable pup! How about Brittany Gold? Sounds high class to me.

Henrietta January 28, 2008  

I hereby award you the Harpic Medal, for you have certainly earned it!

Now you are going to have to explain to a bunch of puzzled Yanks what the Harpic Medal is, unless of course you are too young.

Henrietta January 28, 2008  

Is he perhaps a Briever?

Jeanne January 29, 2008  

That would be my kind of quilter! Way to go and the finished mini is terrific!

Floss January 30, 2008  

Yes they would have to be crazy, but boy it sure does look nice.
The puppy is so cute.

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