Friday, January 11, 2008

The borders are on this little quilt, I shopped Keryn's stash for just the right fabric. I get the satisfaction of the finish, and she gets to take the credit for 50 cm of fabric gone from her cupboard. I've been keeping track of what I cut, as she suggested, jotting down the strips in a notebook and totalling them up at the end of the day. I was astonished to find that I used nearly three metres yesterday, making a binding, cutting two borders and a few other strips. It really does add up and it's nice to know that much is gone from the stash. I don't know how I'd calculate what I cut from scraps, probably weigh a pile before I start and compare it to a full metre of fabric to get some idea of how much is there.
Now don't get excited seeing Keryn's quilt in the background of this shot, I think she's changed her mind about the borders again. It's looking good though, isn't it?

We had a customer coming to visit yesterday, and threw this little top on Ms Millhouse so we could have the machine running when she got here. (Some people round here have never seen a longarm working.)

This top was made from all those little samples that shops send, and which build up alarmingly if you're not careful. All the fabrics I liked just went into the scrap drawers, but these pastels, while pretty, just aren't "me". I trimmed them to 2", sewed them to a white on white (which also isn't my style) square and made this little baby top. I had one square left over, which I was really pleased about!

I took the time to open the stitches on the intersections and swirl the seams out, doesn't it look pretty on the back?Another quilt waiting for binding, just when I'd got caught up, sigh.


Mary Johnson January 11, 2008  

It's very sweet. I've decided the more I get done the further behind I get...I have 3 quilts waiting for binding too.

Anonymous,  January 12, 2008  

brilliant choices for the quilt borders. those blues bring the whole design together.


Paula January 12, 2008  

You know, I'm not a fan of pastels, but that quilt is way too cute! You know you've done well when you can show the back of the quilt! VBS

Andrea January 13, 2008  

Your little quilt is sweet. Love the arrangement of colours of the unpieced blocks. The pastel quilt is very pretty too.

Granny January 13, 2008  

I like what I can see of the borders on Keryn's quilt. You did choose a perfect border quilt for your little quilt. And, the one with the seam allowances swirled, it's kinda sad to cover up such a pretty back side! :)

julieQ January 14, 2008  

Wish I lived close to you. I love to bind! and I am pretty good at it!! and you could quilt one for me. Just lovely work, I enjoy your blog so much.


meggie January 15, 2008  

How I love seeing your quilts!

Diane February 04, 2008  

Several people took the words right out of my mouth--I'm not much for pastels but this is a really sweet quilt. Well done!

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