Saturday, February 02, 2008

Keryn has told about our trip to Cowell on Thursday, resulting in some nice additions to our respective stashes. She loved the Stitch'n'Bits shop as much as I did, and while she mentions me having the good sense to take photos of the inside, it wasn't of the gorgeous shelves of fabric and the tempting array of gifts and goodies. No, what I couldn't get over was the fact that were not one, but TWO fullsize antique trucks in the back part, and I couldn't remember them from the previous trip at all. I must have been delirious in the presence of bolts and bolts of half-price material!
We went to Spotlight in Whyalla, and I wasn't sure that I could remember the way, having only been once before. We stopped so I could get my bearings and I looked around, pointed and said "It's over that way" and lo and behold, it was. Keryn claimed I could smell the fabric, but that's not true. I can only smell Cheap Fabric- a whole bolt for $2 metre...

"Tonto, where's the Spotlight?"

"Over there behind McDonald's, Kemosabi!"


meggie February 02, 2008  

Green with envy! Sounds like a lovely trip, & well worth the travel. LOved seeing all the fabrics at Keryn's.

sewprimitive karen February 03, 2008  

Oh, love the cute trucks, especially the green one. Sounds like you have a good sense of direction :-).

Jenni February 05, 2008  

A whole bolt? That's pretty impressive. We have a family issue about Spotlight! I don't go there too often, but I do go, but my Mother and Sister can't STAND it. They refuse to stand in line, and get quite cranky if they have to go in there. My local Spotlight is a new one, and it isn't like the old ones in a great big room. It's more like Ikea where they try to make you go in a certain direction. I'm not too keen on that, but my 'old' local Spotlight is ok. Some of the ones in Brisbane are so messy, that I think I could work there a few hours a day just putting all the fabric back where it belongs. (Careful, my OCD is showing!) What's yours like?

julieQ February 05, 2008  

Love those old trucks! Sounds like you had a fun trip. I couldn't resist that $2 fabric either!

Fran February 06, 2008  

Went in the other day to catch up, "Trunks" so what????, pics wouldn't download so I popped by today and re-read, LOL "Trucks" - another matter completely!!!!! How fascinating, were the backs full of fabric - a truckload of fabric, now there's a good idea!!!!

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