Friday, August 31, 2007

Gee this week seems to have been busy, hence the lack of posting. Not anything quilty, which would at least have been bloggable, just running around. Here's some shots from our group day on Monday. We meet at the tennis clubrooms and some people didn't mind their quilts hanging outside on the fence. I wasn't one of them, and later a horrible north wind blew up and ripped most of these off the fence and bowled them off into the carpark, but I don't think any damage was done.

None of these are mine, You've seen the ones I displayed before, so nothing new there.Can't write now either, but I promise a chatty post will be created soon....


keryn August 31, 2007  

Where's the shot of the finished banner? Honestly!

antique quilter August 31, 2007  

I answered your comment on my blog...tried to email it to you but there was no email address!
Love reading your blog, your work , as well as your sisters is very inspirational to me.
Kathie in NJ

meggie August 31, 2007  

GRRRR where is the Banner??
loved all the photos anyway.
Dreamt of you last night, even though I have never met you??? is this 'stalking'??

Floss September 01, 2007  

Love the photos. Hopefully all the quilts are OK, it so nice to look at quilts outside.

keryn September 01, 2007  

Well I dreamt Voldemort showed up outside my house in an FJ Holden, and the only reason I hadn't left in time was because I was trying to rescue my stash. Analyse That!

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