Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm back into 'Busy' at the moment. Our patchwork group is hosting three other groups on Monday, and someone's decided we should have a banner to proclaim who we are. Guess who volunteered to quilt it? This would have been fine except for two things. One, I lost a day somewhere; after having an argument with Keryn last night on the phone I find out it is indeed Friday instead of Thursday (drats!) and two, I think I've overcommitted myself a bit on the Amount of quilting on this piece. I thought "Oh, I'll just free motion in between all the letters and flowers, and somehow they're harder to work around than I expected. Too many weird little spaces and odd shapes, sigh. But hopefully it will get done by Monday, otherwise it will just be a UFO for show and tell, won't it?

I finished the quilting on this blue and green quilt from a while back, really really simple stuff because I intend to sell it in our local craft gallery. The tops are building up alarmingly, and it would be nice to recycle them into more money to buy more fabric etc etc. You know how it goes....

And I feel bad that I posted such a funny looking picture of Mac last time. I'd asked Matt to go and photograph the almond blosssom and it was a hike of several kilometres, so Mac was a hot and bothered boy when he got back. The dogs always seem to go twice as far because they run backwards and forwards and investigate delicious smells and get sidetracked...

So here is a nice picture of Mac, looking at his beloved Boy with melting devotion; they have a wonderful bond.


loulee1 August 24, 2007  

Hi, I fell in from somewhere the other day and bookmarked you for a return visit. I like the applique flowerson the guild quilt. I hope you get it done in time. Good Luck.

Yvonne August 25, 2007  

Great quilts and Mac is cute. I thought he looked cute in his water dish

meggie August 25, 2007  

The guild quilt looks very nice! And the other one.
And of course, Mac looks just perfect.

Mary August 25, 2007  

I really like the quilting on the banner - I'm trying to teach myself to quilt flowers freehand but I'm not so good at it - they come off pretty lopsided. I also have a hard time filling the space and coming out with a balanced design like yours. I'm much better at overall freehand stuff like leaves and hearts but I'm trying to push beyond my comfort zone and try more things.

Jenni @ Fairybread August 27, 2007  

He's adorable. I do love staffys, and I hope you manage to get your quilting finished in time.

Carol E. August 27, 2007  

Your quilting looks fantastic from here (MN USA). I'm glad I learned what a Billy is. I've been singing that song for almost 50 years without knowing what I was saying.

Lazy Gal Tonya August 31, 2007  

I got a Staffordshire Bull Terrier for my birthday when I was 11. He was black with white markings. Best, sweetest, most wonderful dog and friend. I still miss him like crazy. Your Mac is a real sweetie - what eyes.

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