Saturday, September 01, 2007

My batteries in the camera decided to die on Monday, and the spares drained themselves in two minutes, I think there's something wrong there.It meant I couldn't take a picture of the banner hanging at our meeting, so SORRY Meggie and Keryn! Now to get you off my back here are some photos- I did none of the buttonhole applique as I think I would rather prod myself repeatedly with a fork than work with velisofix(or whatever it's called).
Very cheerful and it's quite large and hard to miss when it's hanging up. I probably shouldn't have quilted it so heavily, but it was fun experimenting with different fillers and feathers.
On the very right of the 'T' below you can even see a bit of Mary's echoed hearts pattern, just had to try that out somewhere. Hope she doesn't mind me pinching it! The blue and green quilt (also pinched from Mary, she's good value that girl) is bound and destined for the shop, but I think it looks lovely on my dining table, don't you? I'm not one for quilts on tables, but I might have to change that perception I think.

I've pieced backings for the Time-turner top and the rail fence, made the binding for the latter and have bindings cut out for two more quilts. I've set a queensize top together but I won't post pictures until I have the borders on that... and I made 20 disappearing 9-patch blocks for another scrap quilt.Phew!!! I seem to have been stitching and getting a lot of things ready to finish this week, but none of it was really enjoyable. Grumble. I have to admit I'm itching to start some more reproduction blocks from the gorgeous fabric we got in Sydney, but I'm making myself do all this other stuff first. How very adult of me...

Hmmm, and Meggies dreaming about me is she? I won't ask what the plot was; as long as I was fully clothed I won't be creeped out!


keryn September 01, 2007  

The quilting on the banner is spectacular, I hope they appreciated your efforts. No-one will overlook that, small wonder it took you so long to do. well, long by your standards.

Love the blue quilt, and I can't wait to see the others finished. You really are on a roll.... Maybe you need to buy a longarm machine?

Quiltdivajulie September 02, 2007  

I love the quilting!! I'm so impressed that you're doing all this on a standard machine. I would have guessed that you had a long arm. I didn't like quilts on tables at first, but I do now...and I agree, Mary's blog and site are wonderful...

Carol E. September 02, 2007  

That quilt looks spectacular on your table! Got a chuckle out of your comment of being in someone's dream. My friend used to dream about me and I was always a witch in her dreams (or, substitute a B in there....) At least I wasn't naked, as far as I know!

Mary Johnson September 02, 2007  

I don't normally use quilts on tables either but that one looks great. I think it's the draped effect that I like rather than one that just sits on the top of the table.

I love ALL the different fills on the banner including the little echoed hearts.

meggie September 03, 2007  

It is ok, you had all your clothes on!

You are being a very grown up girl, aren't you! That is what I need, ...more discipline!
I love the banner pics, & the quilting is great.

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