Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Keryn, in the Great Cleanout of 2007 unearthed this top that I sent her years ago when she'd just got a shortarm machine and wanted tops to practice on. I'd forgotten about it, so it was a pleasant surprise to see it again. That machine is long gone, so it's still a top.We should have taken it to Kayes and quilted it on the Statler, but I guess I'll try and finish it on my machine at some stage. (Or plan another visit to Kaye!)

I did some tricky piecing on this, I might run up a how-to entry on it sometime. It was fun to make and went together very easily- if I end up struggling with a block I usually don't make more than one.I don't know whether that shows my common sense or a lack of perseverence....

I have been doing soooo much sewing even I'm starting to get a bit jaded. I'm making not one cot quilt but two, for twins, a queensize quilt for someone else, I've got a bag of stitcheries and fabric that a friend wants me to turn into a quilt and.....Let's just say I've been busy in the sewing room.

So for something completely different the last couple of nights, instead of knitting before I go to sleep (in bed, with the lectric blanket on, mmmm) I've been drawing faces from an old art book that I bought when Keryn and I were in Adelaide. I love drawing faces, and while I'm not very good at likenesses, these days you can generally tell they're meant to be human.

There's something beautifully serene about these old sculptures, I find them very soothing to try and capture.
And one day I'll learn to place my sketches on the page so that I don't run out of room, grrr.In my defense I was balancing both book and sketchbook on my knees and I actually fell asleep doing that last one- time to pack up and put the lights out then!


Anonymous,  August 15, 2007  

Your drawings are very good. I haven't done that since High School. Love the restful feel of the pinwheel quilt. You do such beautiful work.

Helen in the UK August 15, 2007  

Did you really say you're not very good at likenesses? These are fantastic - looks to me like you have a talent for drawing!!!
Love the quilt to :)

Nic Bridges August 15, 2007  

Your drawings are gorgeous Mereth - you should do more (and stop putting down your abilities).

Granny August 16, 2007  

Your drawings are very neat! It has to be fun to find an older top that you've forgotten about. I was playing around with a very similar block in EQ the other day.

Andrea August 16, 2007  

I cannot draw to save my life so you have my utmost admiration. They are really good. Believe me if I tried to draw something like that you would laugh for a week. The quilt top is lovely - really deserves to be made into a quilt after being forgotten about - poor thing :-)

meggie August 16, 2007  

Those drawings are so good.
And, I do love that quilt too. Please do a how to post.

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