Sunday, August 05, 2007

Years ago Keryn bought this tattered quilt on ebay.

It's fabric has worn really thin, but it's still a lovely soft quilt and so pretty. She decided to replicate it as the block was very interesting and as usual, volunteered me to make six blocks for her. (Beware when she rings up and says"I've had an idea...")
I made the blocks, but while I was playing with them I thought, "Why not set them into a square on point instead of straight.....
So out came the graph paper and the pencil and cup of coffee, and I figured out setting triangles,
and her block became ...

this block.

I'm constantly looking for ways to make variations on the quilts I see, tipping the blocks on point, changing the setting, reversing the lights and darks.. I don't think I've ever followed a pattern for a quilt, I always fiddle around and come up with my own version of things.
I think graph paper is the most wonderful designing tool, and I actually enjoy sitting down and working out the cutting diagrams for a particular block. All my quilts are designed this way,it's the first of many processes about quiltmaking that I love.


Meredith August 05, 2007  

I like your variation better. I have yet to start buying any old tops or quilts. Luckliy for me some of you who do have blogs so I can enjoy the quilts right along with you.

keryn August 06, 2007  

Guess I'd better get a move on and finish quilting that replica quilt. It's only been 4 years or so.....

And aren't you glad I let you help, seeing as it led to your own block discovery?

Chookyblue...... August 06, 2007  

oh this lloks like your feather quilt from a few posts ago.....I really like it......pleased Keryn doesn't have my phone number...opps I did give her my mobile.....maybe I might be safe from the "i have an idea " phone call........they look great......

Mary Johnson August 06, 2007  

I like both the original block and your variation. I play with blocks and settings also but with a couple differences, my blocks and quilts tend to be simpler than yours and I use EQ rather than drafting paper.

The photo of the coffee and drawing materials is a great visual - I can SEE you sitting there sipping coffee and drafting your block.

meggie August 06, 2007  

I wish my brain would let me work things out with graph paper! haha.
I love both versions of the block.

Andrea August 07, 2007  

Thanks for filling us in on the story behind the block ! Could I ask one more question - pretty please -what size is the block ? - I have really fell in love with your quilt and may try a couple of blocks if I can. Hope you don't mind !

Lynda (Granny K) August 08, 2007  

Lovely block, I really like the pink and brown together.

Mary Johnson August 09, 2007  

The whole commenting post did have a side benefit of generating some email but as one person said - heaven forbid all 400 visitors comment - I'd never get through them all. Another thing I didn't consider is that the stats don't count the people who are reading via bloglines or another service that don't actually visit the site to comment. No telling how many people out there are reading our blogs!

I always watch your blog too - I love your quilts because they have that traditional look that is my very favorite kind of quilt but with your own personal style. I really admire both yours and Keryn's work.

Kairle Oaks August 09, 2007  

The antique quilt is so charming. And you've come up with a wonderful variation. Don't you just love those repo fabrics?

Helen in the UK August 11, 2007  

Recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed seeing all your projects. This is a really interesting pattern - look forward to seeing it develop :)

Anonymous,  August 29, 2007  

I also love the block and was wondering what size it was and what size you drafted. Also I was wondering if you would be willing to share your draft. The old quilts are always an nspiration. This block puts a "new" twist on the old nine patch.
Enjoy reading your blog.
Judy B.

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