Sunday, August 19, 2007

Doesn't this look like a cosy little corner? I sat here this weekend and finished handsewing the binding on the cot quilts, and it was very peaceful. I like doing the bindings by hand, but on big quilts I can't be bothered.

The only thing missing from this picture was the ever- present coffee cup, then my happines was complete.
Fiona from dragonfly-crafts commented about my creativity from last post.. "When you want coffee, you GET coffee". Ex-actly! If I hadn't had any meths I would have lit a fire in the back yard and boiled the billy- done that before!!
I'm having real trouble finding a place to photograph quilts so that they don't look too washed out or too dark. I've tried floor lamps trained on them, overhead lights, turning the flash on and off, every convenient location and they all look a bit dreary in the end. These two little quilts deserve better pictures than these, but I won't get them because they'll be in the post in a jiffy.
The twin recipients are in Germany, and at the end of the month these will wing their way off to another country, and I hope they're used with love. The customer wanted something Australian on them so the boy has a kangaroo stitchery,
and the girl has a koala. I also embroidered their names and birthdates along with some gum leaves (and blossom for the girl) an I have to admit that they turned out nice. I've said before that I'm no embroiderer, but it has possibilities, hmm.......I put a lovely cuddly soft green flannel on the back, and didn't go overboard with the quilting. Lots of close work might look nice, but it also makes the fabric stiff, and I wanted these to be soft and able to wrap little ones in.
There's nothing quite like getting a project out of the way and planning what you'll do next, it's a delicious feeling, isn't it?


meggie August 21, 2007  

Those quilts are just beautiful!! Lucky little twins.

Anonymous,  August 21, 2007  

Hi Mereth, you made me laugh out loud with this post. I can see you out the back with the billy and I don't even know you very well yet.
I would do the same only I wouldn't be able to find wood.
Love the idea of these quilts. Very Aussie and personal.
I fix my photos via "picasa" or some other photo thingy on my computer. Fixes colour, crops etc.

tami August 21, 2007  

The baby quilts are adorable. I just love a simple pattern and the stitchery adds an Australian touch.
I think you should have put a translation in your blog for those of us who are American and don't really know what "boiling the billy" is. :-D I love the Aussie slang.

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