Thursday, June 07, 2007

I really can't believe how long it's been since I could just sit at my computer and blog without a care in the world. My stinking system refuses to play nicely and Vista may soon end up in the trash. Sorriest day in quite a few years when I agreed to give THAT a try. Not that I'm bitter or anything.....

Where do I start?Keryn has done such a wonderful job of keeping things happening here and I'll owe her big time for this. I felt so guilty about not posting, as if I were letting the side down somehow, and it bugs me that I still won't be able to post regularly until I get the computer looked at Again, grrr.

The trip over to Western Australia was illuminating in many ways. For example it taught me that I Hate sitting in the back seat! No wonder kids fight and squabble, and I was tempted to moan "Are we there yet" at ever increasing intervals. But Australia is very wide, and after driving for 11 hours on the first day we were only at the border of South Australia. Arghh! I went to bed in a little roadside cabin place and knew that we had to drive for another 11 hours the next day, and then another 5 on the third day. Not an inspiring prospect, but it certainly made me realise how big this country is.

We stopped and viewed the Great Australian Bight, which was very impressive, huge cliffs and roaring waves and spray, but the warnings about the undercut edges and how they were likely to crumble away beneath your feet made me a tad nervous.

The scenery is rather montonous, and the Nullabor is aptly named, with nothing but low bushes for hundreds of miles. There is a straight stretch of road that is 90 kilometers long and perfectly flat, you don't feel like you're getting anywhere at all. But it's a unique experience, and I'm glad we did it. I was just terribly glad I was going to fly home and not have to face it going back the other way!

To amuse myself I tried to sketch but had limited success because I was sitting in the back seat, we were going 110 kph and there was nothing much to see anyway. I like to draw from what I can see, but I had to try and fix an image in my mind amd draw from memory, which was a challenge and helped to pass the time.

Quite by chance the Quilting and Craft show was on in Perth and I went to have a look around. I was walking past a booth and heard someone say "That looks like Keryn!" and another voice answer "No, it must be Meredith because she's in Perth now!" Guaranteed to make my step falter and wonder what on earth was going on. It was Kathy (blogless unfortuneately) who had met Keryn once before and Nicola who had only read our blogs. What an eerie experience to finally meet someone in real life who has read these posts and actually seemed to enjoy them. I spent the rest of the time with them, and worried that I was hi-jacking their day, but we all seemed to get on so well. And I think I got the winning photo out of those taken, we all look relatively normal and as if we're having a good time.

More later when I can get back on.........


Harmany Quilting June 08, 2007  

You're the winner - it was the best photo. Glad to hear that you aren't bitter, although maybe a bit twisted. Great blog, great sense of humour, great pictures.

Simonetta June 08, 2007  

I love your blog ! Great. Thanks for photos :)))

Tazzie June 08, 2007  

Great to see you! How fun to see your recent comment on my blog about your connection with Yalpara. My hubby's sister married into the family that owns it, the station has changed hands since the days when you visited, back then there was a connection to the Kidman family. We always have a fun time there, so I'm sure you did too.
Hope your computer woes are behind you now.

Shelina June 09, 2007  

Welcome back Mereth. Sorry about the tooth and computer problems. The scenery - the photo and the sketches looks marvelous to me.

meggie June 09, 2007  

Welcome back! that is a lovely photo, & the sketches look very good too.
I think it must have been a great trip, leaving aside the boring back seat!

Mary June 09, 2007  

I also got to meet Judy Laquidara in person for the first time this week - I was at MQS with my sister Debbie and Judy came to the show for the day. We had a chance to chat a bit before Debbie and I hit the vendors (again). I've also had the strange experience of meeting people I don't know who *know* me through the blog.

I bought one of your pantographs while I was at MQS but can't remember the name right now and I haven't unpacked yet but I'll be using it on one of my Mom's quilts soon.

Carol E. June 10, 2007  

Those are great drawings! I love to draw, too, but I stink at it. Wish I had that talent. Looks like a drive through North Dakota and eastern Montana. Flat, dry, nothing there, hum drum.... (although, to be honest, I see the beauty in the flat prairies. I love it!) Nice that you got some empathy for the kids who are stuck in the back seat. I hate it, too.

Happy Valley Quilter June 13, 2007  

You're right! Riding in the back seat is NO FUN!!!

It looks like you were having a great time at the quilt show!

Chookyblue June 14, 2007  

great to see you are the sketches....I am no good at that....sound like you had a nice time away........

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