Saturday, June 23, 2007

I've been put to work at Kayes, finishing a quilt that she cut out and didn't have time to sew. All the fabrics are from her enormous stash of reproductions and I'm overawed at the selection. I honestly couldn't choose a favourite among them, they are all so beautiful.The pile of pieces has gone, replaced by blocks (56, plus three extras because some got lost in the tornado of sewing) and the blocks have been swallowed up into this.....

This is me sewing the last seam in the centre piece. It's nine thirty pm, and the borders can wait until tomorrow,I've had enough for today I think. I've informed Keryn that I have volunteered her to sew them on, and she professed herself nauseous at the thought- this centre bit is 82" square. But the end is in sight, and it will be a thrill seeing it loaded on the Statler and watching it being quilted.

Jo asked if one of the sets of blocks I'm working on was based on a Karen Cunningham quilt. This is Kayes version of that quilt, and it's gorgeous, love all her fabric choices, and it's quilted with my Featheration panto.

Mine will be set differently, but in actual fact I've already made a quilt based on this pattern, except in negative. Makes it look quite different, but it's still the same block.


meggie June 24, 2007  

You are having a lovely time!
Love to see the quilts, & how quickly you have whizzed it all togehter.

Patti June 24, 2007  

That would be one enjoyable task I think - getting to play with all that marvelous fabric!

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