Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Worst. Packer. EVER.
I'm getting ready to drive to Adelaide today, so that I can fly to Sydney tomorrow and meet up with Keryn, then on to friend Kaye's place for Fun with Machines!
My mum had the gift of arranging a suitcase beautifully, everything in order, all folded and flat and never overcrowded.
I don't have that ability and things are jammed and crammed in and come out the other end looking like something large and inexplicably heavy has rolled around in there. Waaah!
I have to pack my knitting bag because I'm flying, and my charger for camera batteries ( charging as we speak on top of the pile) and I'd better not put the intinerary in the suitcase cos I'll need that.... and why have I got TWO new toothbrushes, must take one out of the pack....and I should rip that old label off the case... and why haven't I darned the ends in on those knitted socks- I'll do that while I'm waiting to meet Keryn in Sydney..... I think I can see why I'm not a good packer.
Girl lacks any sort of organisation.


Chookyblue...... June 19, 2007  

counting the sleeps til Sydney....I am going for the first time.....safe travelling...would you like to meet up?

meggie June 21, 2007  

O I am not a very good packer either. Even though I have done a lot of travelling.
you are going to be having fun!

Anonymous,  June 21, 2007  

Sounds like me to a tee. My mum was an expert packer too - I could only get half in what she could and her stuff NEVER had wrinkles - go figure :-) Have a great trip.

Shelina June 22, 2007  

I hope you have a wonderful trip. I'm not a good packer either, but I do know that things take up more space on the way home than on the way there, so be sure to take an extra bag.

Malagueta June 25, 2007  

The stack of blocks is gorgeous!

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