Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'll have to get back into "blogger mode", but I feel out of practice now. I don't know that I can go back and answer everyone's comments, so I'll just start fresh and go on from here.

I got a rapturous welcome from Mac, and marvelled over how much he'd filled out in the two weeks I was away. He hasn't grown much in height, but he's so muscly and developed now he's lost that puppy look forever. Oh well, they all have to grow up, don't they?
Matt bought him a mouse with a string pull that makes it vibrate. For the first few times we pulled it for him, than he got sick of waiting and learnt how to do it himself. Now he holds it in his paws, pulls the string and the mouse climbs up by itself. At the last minute he throws it in the air and catches it in his mouth, then repeats the procedure again. The original mouse didn't last long and had to be replaced; he's a bit rough on his toys.

Who's a clever boy then?

When I went to Perth I knew that I didn't want to sit around doing nothing and 'relaxing', so I
took a couple of kits and my sewing equipment with me.(Fortuneately the sewing machine was already there).I'm reminded of that Crowded House song that says something like "Everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you". Well, everywhere I go, I'm happier if I can set up a little space like this. Then I feel right at home, and I've got something to occupy myself with. There was lots of days where we stayed home, and I hate to think how I would have occupied my time if I hadn't had my portable sewing projects with me. Other people don't seem to understand my compulsion, and my comment "I like to be productive" was countered with "This is a holiday, you should Relax!" I shuddered at the thought of sitting on the lounge with my feet up, just not my scene at all. As it was I read nine books while I was there, so I wasn't chained to the machine. Non quilters just don't get it.I worked on these two sets of blocks, that were cut to use up scraps at home. The lighter blue and cream ones will probably go in a seperate quilt and the others will have more scrappy companions- don't know yet as I was just getting rid of the bits and pieces. I'll be like Scarlett and 'think about it tomorrow.'

I'm not a good tourist, I was far happier coming home with my stack of blocks than souvenirs of Perth. And a leetle teensy bag of material came home with me too; not much, just a smidge, as Keryn says barely enough for one person.......


keryn June 13, 2007  

At least in Sydney we will be able to co-ordinate our fabric purchases. Not long now....

Jo June 13, 2007  

I don't know if you know this Australian designer but your last lot of blocks remind me of the centre of one of her quilts. I have my version of Cornelia hanging on my wall. I never want to applique another leaf again!

Yours are just as beautiful! I love your blog - it inspires me! Beautiful quilts and you achieve so much.

meggie June 14, 2007  

Enjoyed seeing you back!
Isnt Mac a clever boy! I love the pics of him.
And those blocks look very nice.
I can understand your quilt fever!

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