Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The top is finished and I'm piecing the backing from bits and pieces and making the binding- there won't be any excuse not to quilt this straight away. Unless I can think of something quickly.

I'm impressed with how quick these blocks are to make; if I need to get rid of some fabric or whip up a quilt in a hurry I'll keep this pattern in mind. Speaking of which, what is the name of this block? I drew it up on graph paper when I was playing with ideas for the units, so I don't know it's traditional name.

I think it would also be good for a masculine quilt, it's not too fussy and dainty, and it looks great with plaids. There are a few florals in this top, but I may try doing one with plaids and geometrics for one of my boys. Lots of uses for this block I think.

The top ended up being 56" by 66", with a 1 1/2" cream border and 5 1/2" blue border. The blocks are 8" finished.

Andrea asked about the Feathered Star and where I got the inspiration from. I need to devote a whole post to that, and get some images from Keryn, so I'll do that soon. Intrigued?

You know some dogs have a pretty rough life. Not these two...


Lynda (Granny K) August 01, 2007  

Oh lovely! The borders really set it off well. Thanks for sharing the 'how to'.

Sheila August 01, 2007  

Mereth, I really love how you've set these blocks. It's so versatile and this setting is not one I've seen.

We've always called it "Mary's Triangles," but I have no idea who Mary is. LOL

I love the Feathered Star... can't wait to hear the story. You are an endless source of inspiration.

Sheila in Ohio

dot August 01, 2007  

Great quilt. It is just stunning for the simplicity.

Nancy in Norway August 02, 2007  

Thank you for posting at my blogg. Not all fungi are to be used regularly. Some fungi only once! DH's joke ;-}
Also in Norway you have to know your work to be succesfull and nobody gets hurt.
I'm looking forward to my new sewingroom.

meggie August 02, 2007  

Those borders really did work a treat on that quilt! It looks wonderful, & as you say, quite suitable for a male quilt.
Those 2 dogs are just soooo spoilt arent they!

tami August 02, 2007  

The quilt is beautiful. Glad to hear it is quick. I'll have to keep it in mind.
Those puppies are adorable. Looks like they have such a rough life. :-p

Lynn Dykstra August 02, 2007  

Mereth, I love the beauty of the simple fabrics--very satisfying

Mary August 02, 2007  

Yep, I've seen it called Mary's triangle too - I even have a book that shows how to construct it pretty much like you demonstrated. Can't remember off hand who the author is. One of these day's I'm going to make a quilt using it.

Judy August 10, 2007  

I'll have to make one of these quilts as I love this block!

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