Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm on my own again, having driven Keryn to Adelaide yesterday, sniff. We took the long way and visited a few more patchwork shops, driving through the Barossa Valley, and wishing we could pick up a few bottles of wine along the way. But she already had too much to fit in her cases!

She flew back to Rockhampton this afternoon and I came home to my strangely empty sewing room- it's been quite busy in there for the last week. To occupy my mind I started sorting and tidying, and that has been very therapeutic- I'm always a bit let down when we're separated again. You'd think we'd be used to it after 26 years. Sigh.

Keryn first left home when she was 18 to go into the Air Force, and I remember wandering off to a bookshop after we'd said goodbye, again in Adelaide. I found some interesting book and after poring over it for a few minutes I instinctively turned around and said "How incredible, look at this!" ..... to a complete stranger! I was just so used to always being able to share things that I'd forgotten she wasn't there. I don't think I've ever felt so bereft.

But we do have our own lives now, and when we get together we have a marvellous time. And there's email and the blogs and talking on Yahoo Messenger, so we're in contact every day, unlike those early years when we relied on letters and incredibly expensive phone calls. Yep, Technology Gooood!!
The sewing room wasn't really big enough for the two of us, but we did get a bit accomplished. Keryn made 17 blocks of her new quilt, then professed herself dissatisfied with the colour scheme, so I don't know if they'll see the light of day. I made 15 of these Feathered Cross blocks, but I have to confess I pinched the 1" triangles from another project, so don't think I'm Super Piecer.

I was happy with my shopping in Sydney and Adelaide, and I've now bought setting fabrics for four sets of blocks that were stalled in the finishing process. I'll have to do a heap of ironing and cutting and sewing in the next few weeks, but that should keep me happy- no time to mope!


tami July 11, 2007  

I always wanted a twin sister. It must be neat to have someone you are that close with. To bad you didn't live closer.

meggie July 11, 2007  

It must be a wrench for you, when you have to part company from Keryn. It is lovely that you are such great friends. I feel like that about my brother. We are so close in adulthood. Sometimes people dont believe we are siblings. As kids we were not so close, there are almost 4 years between us, so I guess that was understandable.

Karen July 12, 2007  

It's nice to read about the two of you being so close. Your feathered blocks are so gorgeous.

Anonymous,  July 12, 2007  

Never seen the feathered cross blocks before - they are great! Re your comment on my blog - no, I don't think there's a sock yarn cure - I'm kinda glad LOL.

keryn July 12, 2007  

I will be home on Tuesday, and we can have a talk. Now stop moping and go rummage in your sewing room. There is a lot of new fabric to find a home for.

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