Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The feathered cross has borders, nothing fancy but they're adequate. I didn't feel like expending too much mental energy agonising about this, so I'm content with "done".

I couldn't decide which order to sew the strips in, so I opted for two different sides. I'm quite pleased with the effect of the cheddar and the blue alternating around the edge,and I may use this on other borders too. I just have to applique the mitres, as Keryn explains in this post, and it's ready to be quilted.
I sewed a few of these units at my patchwork group's meeting yesterday, and now I have to decide what I'll do with them. There are so many possibilities; I'll have a play with some graph paper and I may cut some more out- this used a pile of scraps that weren't precious.

I love making units and then working out the blocks afterwards- half the work is done by the time you get serious.


Lisa D. July 24, 2007  

Beautiful quilt! And I just love what you did with the borders!

tami July 25, 2007  

I love the way the Feathered Cross worked up. The borders are simple, but very effective. You always do such nice work.

Lynn Dykstra July 25, 2007  

I think this is the most beautiful of all the quilts you have posted. What a great use of bits of fabric and variations in the blocks.

Andrea July 25, 2007  

The feathered cross quilt is so beautiful. I have never seen that block before. Interested to see what your little units turn into !

Lynda (Granny K) July 25, 2007  

I love your quilts and this feathered star is another classic :o)

dot July 25, 2007  

Beautiful quilt. You are always so busy.

Helen in the UK August 05, 2007  

The Feathered Cross top is beautiful. Not seen this pattern before - very unusual :)

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