Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Still sewing these blocks, no sign of nausea yet. I'm trying to keep it pastel without being wishy-washy, but it's quite hard to do. So many of my fabrics are mid-tones to dark, and I'm having to go back through the older stash of the eighties/nineties to get the sort of pale contrast I want.

I could of course start collecting a heap of these from shops, but I want to sew the blocks Now, and I do like to use what I have. Especially when I can't think of anything else to do with this type of fabric.

Most of these came from what I call my "Expendables" drawer, which is where I keep fabric that is no longer precious and can be used in charity quilts or backings or to make test blocks from. I don't feel any angst about chopping my expendable bits up, but it's surprising how often the drawer comes to the rescue when I'm stuck for a certain piece. Every now and then I go through the good stash (hmm, is there a 'bad' stash?) and weed out pieces that are no longer precious, or fat quarters that have been nibbled right down, and these go into the expendables bin. It's the first place I look when I start another project, there's a lot of useful stuff in there.

As leader-enders I've been attacking a pile of blocks I made ages ago. They're just little four-patch four-patch blocks that were themselves made from L-E.
I didn't know what to do with them but now the're being set into fours with sashing, and I don't really care what they turn out like, I just want them done.
In the corner of the last photo you can see my latest acquisition, a little telly I bought at a garage sale. I've always wanted to watch tv in my sewing room, and now I can- this should improve my production no end. The trouble is now I want a dvd player to go with it, we're never satisfied are we?


Karen March 10, 2010  

You are doing well with your pale contrast. I would have trouble coming up with the fabrics from my stash also. I am a medium to dark fabric kind of gal.

pdudgeon March 10, 2010  

your blocks are amazing! i love the contrast that the darker small squares make when you put the blocks together. Another wonderful quilt to keep in mind and make some day!

Ann March 11, 2010  

The double four-patch is looking great. Maybe this is what I should do with that stack of two-patches...

julieQ March 11, 2010  

I love those rolling stones!! Wonderful colors, just my thing.

Brenda March 11, 2010  

Love them all but especially the four patches

Pat March 11, 2010  

Your work is beautiful, and I love your fabric choices. Thank you for sharing.

Meggie March 17, 2010  

I do relate to your 'never satisfied' remark! I get so cheesed off when things are expensive at Markets, & I know I can get them for a song at garage sales.
Love all your ideas for the small things in the fabric stash!!

Angie August 19, 2010  

I think the blocks are coming along nicely! :0)

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