Friday, March 26, 2010

Last weekend Dolly had to stay with Matt as we were busy out of town. When he gave me these photos I refelected that her visits out there are rather like Boot Camp for dogs. She has to eat dry food, sleep on the floor, rough in with everyone else and go for prolonged marches over the hills. She seems to like it though, even if her life at home is a bit more pampered.Macca and Dolly can hardly wait to get going, they love exploring this rough terrain.

Macca especially loves to climb, and tackles trees,hills and boulders as a personal challenge.

They really are lucky dogs, getting this much fresh air and exercise.

And they are the best of friends too, trotting along side by side for miles. It's so nice to see them still enjoying each others company so much.


pdudgeon March 26, 2010  

nice photos!

meeting challenges with a friend by your side is good for all of us.

Anonymous,  March 26, 2010  

I like what the previous comment said. How true. A true friend is a rare blessing.
Great pictures of the dogs, btw.

sewprimitive karen March 26, 2010  

What fantastic photos and scenery. Wonderful dogs.

Brenda March 28, 2010  

I'm sure as much as Dolly loves to visit - the comforts of home are appreciated.

Meggie March 29, 2010  

AWWHH!! Love them bothXX

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