Monday, March 22, 2010

I've made twenty of these Rolling Stone blocks so far, and my scrabbles in the stash (sounds like a book title, doesn't it?) have unearthed more pallid fabric than I thought I had, so I could make more if I wanted to. I'll lay them out and see if I want to make it bigger, I'm certainly not sick of piecing them yet. I think I could go for thirty.....
I've been longing to do some applique, so I've drawn up my pattern, inspired by an antique quilt, of course, and I'm prepping the pieces at night. I've made one block, so I know I'm happy with the design, and now it's just the groundwork, which I happen to love. As I finish each block's shapes I put all the bits in a ziplock bag, and it looks like a little kit, just waiting for me. I'm only doing five at this stage, but I think I want it to be nine blocks, I'll decide later.

These blocks have been set into larger blocks with some green and they should be in one piece by the middle of the week. I'm not in love with this, the only reason I'm doing it is to empty the box the little blocks were in. And I'm also looking forward to making a backing for this, I've got a big length of old green that is earmarked for this top. Whatever the motivation, it will be done soon and I can cross it off my list and move on. For some reason, once a project is done to the top stage, it ceases to bother me. I don't mind the tops (and their backings sometimes) sitting around waiting, sometimes for years. I could never be one of those people that works on one project at a time from start to finish, it's just not me...


Karen March 22, 2010  

You have certainly done a good job piecing the Rolling Stone blocks. You will soon have a quilt put together with them. Have you thought about how you will set them?

pdudgeon March 22, 2010  

definitely looking good! can't wait until i can start on mine later this year!

Vicki March 22, 2010  

I am of the same feeling, once a top is done I feel that it is time to make another. Quilting it is ok to wait. I just bought a long arm and I am practicing so my tops are all quilted right now... but once I start getting busy, I am sure that will be another story!!

Kathie March 22, 2010  

me either, I need variety!!!! O I love these little 4 patches, keep going!
I have been sewing 4 patches this past week in between projects too.
I LOVE the rolling stone blocks though and since I did a little shopping last week for shirtings, you can bet I will be making this block into a quilt too, soon :)
I agree with you once the top is done I am happy
don't care when it gets quilted!!!!

Meggie March 24, 2010  

When I first began quilting, and before I discovered the wonderful world of Blog, I thought I was the only one who hated to be 'prissy' about having only one project at a time. Now I know it is a valid thing to want many projects, also to let some simmer for ...well... years!

Mary March 30, 2010  

I'm the same way. UFO's only bother me until they're completed tops and then I consider them an asset. I love having an assortment of tops to pull from to quilt and either gift or donate when I need them without the effort of starting from scratch.

I love the sashed 4 patch quilt!

Anonymous,  April 07, 2010  

I love them all , all your traditional quilts and tops, whatever, Will in Paris

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