Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I sewed the borders on my Antique Blocks, and now I'm pulling fabric for the backing. The colour in this photo isn't very true to life, it's far too pink but you get the idea.I've now got a huge pile of tops and backings ready for quilting, I'm going to have to tackle some of them soon. I can't believe how many tops I seem to have finished lately, but there's still a lot more waiting.

It's been absolutely stinking hot, more the weather we get in the middle of summer than our over-warm spring. Hopefully it will cool down a bit before summer really hits, it's not nice quilting in this heat.

The other day we were sorting out some tubs full of old projects and deciding which ones would be worth finishing. We evidently took so long that Dolly thought she'd have a little nap on Keryn's feet. She is very much like a cat, she'll curl up anywhere and go to sleep, and preferably right in the middle of what you're doing. We had to just sit and chat for a while so as not to disturb her, she looked so comfy.


Stephanie Newman November 11, 2009  

What a very cat like thing to do!!
She is very cute though, isn't she?

antique quilter November 11, 2009  

I love the way this quilt came out! It looks wonderful.
too funny about Dolly, guess she needed a nap!
hope the heat breaks and you can enjoy springtime!

Shasta Matova November 13, 2009  

It is a beautiful quilt top. You are just so productive!

Brenda November 15, 2009  

Always a good post with a photo of Dolly. Hope you get some respite from the heat soon.

Jenni November 19, 2009  

She is the cutest thing. I'd like a Staffy one day.

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