Thursday, November 26, 2009

I've been trying to finish some of my quilts in between the customer quilts as they're building up alarmingly. But the customers have to take precedence now so we can get all the Christmas deadlines finished.

This is another donation quilt, made with 16 patches from our group. It's rather pink, but someone will like it.

And here's the Doors and Windows on the frame. I love that moment when I start winding the top on, suddenly everything looks wonderful and I can hardly wait to get started.

I pieced the back for this, and funnily enough nearly all of the material came from other quilt backs.

When we trim our finished quilts, there's sometimes a strip of fabric leftover that's quite useable, depending on how big the backing was in the first place. I had a pile of these and decided to combine them to make this backing. It's quite a hit and miss affair, and I usually start by laying the top out on the bed and then piecing strips until the length is correct. Then I use that first strip to build on, squaring everything up to that, and the process goes quite quickly.

I do like to use the 10 1/2" squares too, and I added length here at top and bottom using already cut ones from the drawer. But some of these lengths were 14" wide, and I didn't see the sense in cutting them down and wasting the 4" when I could cover the ground quicker using big chunks of fabric.

I've finished this now and I'll post the photos soon, I really love the way these scrappy backings turn out.


Jenni November 27, 2009  

I made the string quilt I use on the bed primarily from 2 rolls of offcuts from a longarm quilter. They were all solids and I added a few 'yuk' fabrics from the stash, and it turned out quite well.
Sounds like you will be flat out for the next month.

Mary Johnson November 30, 2009  

I do the same thing with my leftover strips of backings and it's even easier for me since so many of the quilts I do are for HeartStrings and of a similar size. Usually I just need to sew all the strips together and give a sides a quick trim.

I like the pink 16 patches - I don't think I've seen them set on point in rows like this.

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