Saturday, November 28, 2009

Doors and Windows top is quilted, with organic cotton, and I think I'm going to try washing it before I bind it.I want it to shrink and look crinkly, but I don't want the binding wrinkly. So if the edge survives a dunking I'll know I can do it on future quilts. If not, I'll just trim any fraying bits off and make the border smaller.

The pieced backing in all it's motley glory. I do love the fact that this used up a pile of leftovers, and I'm busy piecing other backings together for the next lot of my tops. It's great hanging them up together all ready to go, and my shelves have empty spaces appearing, which is encouraging too.

I used a panto of Keryn's, Birdseye, at a small size, and I'm hoping this will add to the crinkly effect when it's washed. I really liked how this turned out on the front, not too girly so it's a good one for guy quilts.

I finally got the red sawtooth border on my Crossed Tulips, and then a wide cream to finish it off. I debated whether or not to put some applique in the border, but I wanted to keep the design really simple, and then add some gorgeous quilting to make it special. Not all applique quilts have to be complicated, in fact some of my favourite antique ones had this combination of a simple design with spectacular quilting.

I can't own them, so I just have to try and make some for myself.


sewprimitive karen November 28, 2009  

Be sure to let us know how the washing/no binding yet goes. You have certainly made a wonderful 'antique' quilt; I can't wait to see it with your beautiful quilting.

antique quilter November 28, 2009  

love the doors and window quilt and backing!!!!
interesting to hear about the washing and then binding how it works.
oh my I just love your crossed tulips and I do understand about not being able to own them...
did you make this quilt from a pattern if so which one?
this is one quilt I would LOVE to make and yes the border is perfect in mho

Paula, the quilter November 29, 2009  

The applique quilt is going to be lovely. I am currently working on an applique Iris quilt.

Brenda November 30, 2009  

Obviously things have cooled down as the quilting is hotting up! Love the crosses tulips.

Lynda (Granny K) December 01, 2009  

They are both fabulous Mereth! Love them!

Jenni December 01, 2009  

I think the sawtooth on the applique quilt is perfect - sometimes less is more. The doors and windows looks great too. What is the reasoning behind not wanting the binding wrinkled? Just curious.

Rose Marie December 04, 2009  

Your crossed tulip quilt is lovely and will be absolutely gorgeous once all quilted up. It looks so antique looking.

Shasta Matova December 04, 2009  

Both of these quilts are great. I especially like the colors of the first one.

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