Sunday, November 15, 2009

We're supposed to have some relief from the heat today, it's predicted to be 28 degrees, but I'll believe it when it's happened. It was quite unbearable in the workroom, so I thought I'd quilt at night, but the lights heated the air instead. I tried turning the overhead stand lights out, but found that the machine was then a magnet for all the bugs in the place, and after nearly stitching over a few and having flying ants shedding their wings all over the customer top I gave up and turned the big lights on and the machine light off. I couldn't see as well, but at least there was no night life quilted into the top.

I spent the weekend at home with the air-conditioner on, but it was quite bearable inside until about noon. I happily pottered in my sewing room and weeded out huge piles of fabric to cut into backing squares and 2 1/2" strips for a new project. As it is impossible for me to cut unironed fabric I had to heat the room up a bit until it was all pressed, but I was determined to see it gone.This isn't all of it, some went into other projects, but that is nearly 20 metres of fabric dealt with. It doesn't look much, but four of those large squares is a fat quarter of fabric, so it does mount up. I stripped up half metres of fabric to make bindings for donation quilts, 2 metres gone there, and the strips for the new project ate up lots of nibbled at fat quarters and trimmings from quilt backings. I would like to say that I have an empty shelf, a space in the cupboard, a gap in the drawer, even an empty container, but no. I can't even see where it all came from. And Jenni wonders why we didn't buy fabric at the show!

And now for something that I've been looking forward to for a while. Long time readers will remember the first Scrap Castle, and then it took nearly a year to make the second. Keryn told me she thought it looked a little loose, and that I hadn't packed it down hard enough. Determined not to be accused of that again I've been compressing the bin enthusiastically every time it gets full, and this weekend saw it jammed solid. There wasn't a bit of 'give' and the new pile of trimmings had to overflow and rest on the floor. Finally, the time had come.....

Ta Da!!! Scrap Castle the Third, and one of my best yet I feel. But can you believe it takes me a year to fill this bin up? I think that proves how little I throw away. I cut 1 1/4" strips for a tiny log cabin, so most of the scraps are less than that. If the pieces are bigger they have poly in them, have vleisofix on them, something spilt on them, or are otherwise unuseable. I waste Nothing! (Keryn sighs and rolls her eyes heavenward...)

Is it wrong to be so taken with this? Have I invented a new art form? Compressed Fabric Sculpture perhaps?

And before someone points out the large blue strip, I have one word to say to you.... Poly. Blechh.

In the interests of scientific research I decided to weigh my little creation.
Holy moly, three kilos! Now if you concede that a metre of fabric weighs roughly 125g, then allowing for wind speed and relative humidity, that works out to ..... 24 metres of scraps!! If I choose to collage them onto a wall, which I don't care to.

Art, science, sewing, I explore it all. I must be a renaissance quilter, what an enquiring mind I have- either that or the heat has got to me!


Vicki W November 16, 2009  

That's darned cool. I think you need to seal the whole thing together permanently and make a stool out of it!

Henrietta November 16, 2009  

Poly scraps crochet into wonderful rugs which wear like iron and they braid (when cut into 3" strips and folded)or knit (when cut into 1" strips) too.

Feeling guilty yet?

Chookyblue...... November 16, 2009  

holy smokes that is a lot of scraps......

antique quilter November 16, 2009  

what fun I love that fabric castle!
ok how about pushing it into one of those large glass vases or hurricane lamp glass domes
some people here make dog beds for the shelters and stuff them with scraps like this.

can't wait to see your next quilt with the strips you have cut that green fabric there on top!
sorry its been so hot, I am a fall winter person myself so enjoying our weather here!

Andrea November 16, 2009  

Oh yes - definitely your best castle. I remember 1 and 2 well - lol !!

Meggie November 17, 2009  

A perfectly legitimate art form! Well made.
A veritable Monument to Quilting!

Stephanie Newman November 17, 2009  

Hysterical! But what a lovely scraps castle you have made. I wonder what other shapes you could form those scraps into for the next fabric sculpture?
I am surprised it has taken you a year to fill that up, you truly waste nothing of worth!

sewprimitive karen November 18, 2009  

This is the first Scrap Castle I have seen. It could go right into a museum :-). Feel for you on your terrible heat.

Unknown November 18, 2009  

I think your quest to minimize waste is commendable and the scrap castles are adorable! I also save my "unusable scraps" in a large pillowcase. When it is full, I make animal beds for the shelters. I basically make pillow cases of various sizes, stuff them with the scraps, and sew the end shut. The shelters are appreciative and the animals get a snuggly bed to lay on and no fabric went to waste. It's a win/win for everyone!

Laura in AZ

Jenni November 19, 2009  

It must be the heat! What an impressive sculpture, but it took a whole year? You must be thrifty with the amount of fabric you girls use!

Shasta Matova November 20, 2009  

Wow, that's huge. I don't think my USED fabric accounts for that much, much less the scrap.

Rose Marie November 20, 2009  

This is just too funny .... but quite an eye opener on the yardage!

Ima Baglady November 25, 2009  

OMG - I cracked up reading this post! I've been slicing scraps for various projects, but the smallest pieces I keep are 1.5 inch squares and strips. I'd love to do a castle too, but the kids keep putting empty juice boxes in my fabric trash bucket... eww.

Liz,  December 18, 2009  

Absolutely enjoyed your scientific research surrounding the scrap castle. Yes, Yes, Yes, art fabric sculptures are in your future!!!
Got such a kick out of seeing it on the scale.
Am still chuckling...Liz in Houston, Tx.

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