Sunday, December 06, 2009

While Keryn has been snipping and sewing her tiny pieces for the Dear Jane, I've been ploughing through huge backing seams and miles of binding.
This morning I finished backing number three and made three bindings for already quilted tops, phew! I think I'd like some small jobs for the rest of the day. (I think of the theme from Jaws when I look at this photo, look at all the fins cruising through the folds...)

I'm still enjoying piecing the backings together, this one used strips from the front and other backing bits. The largest one was made from 10 1/2" squares because it was so easy to control the size of it.

Now these can be hung up and wait their turn to be put on the machine. Incidentally, I weighed all the backings, and with the three bindings I've used 14 metres of fabric. It's got to be good!


sewprimitive karen December 06, 2009  

Really love the quilts about to be quilted.

Brenda December 06, 2009  

Even your backings are pretty!

quiltmom anna December 07, 2009  

What gorgeous backings - they will be beautiful on both sides. What a good way to use up smaller pieces.
Happy Holiday Season,

Tazzie December 07, 2009  

My goodness Mereth, the amount of stitching you get done just leaves me breathless! Love what you've been working on. Just out of curiosity, what weight do you call one metre of fabric?

Lindah December 07, 2009  

Jaws... fins cruising through the folds? You HAVE been piecing too long. You need a break! lol
Seriously, your backs are gorgeous... they will make reversible quilts!

Lori in South Dakota December 08, 2009  

it feels good to get tops matched up with backings waiting in line. But when you piece the backings--wow--you use up odds and ends, and it's always fun to turn them over and look to see what was used. But it's WORK to keep them nice and flat!

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