Saturday, January 03, 2009

I decided after much argy-bargying back and forth that I would do Bonnies mystery. I've never been brave enough to attempt one before because I couldn't bear the thought of not knowing what it was going to look like. Would I like the fabrics in those placements, what if I'd rather the pink where the blue was... what if it would look better with brown instead of indigo? And the pressing, how would I know which way to press the seams? Yes, this is Contol Freakishness at it's most constraining.Much easier to abandon the whole idea rather than attempt the Unknown.

And then Bonnie started with the square in square units, which I'm inordinately fond of. I don't know why, but I just love this little unit and have made hundreds and hundreds of them from my scraps, just for the fun of it. How could I resist them? I had a pile of cheddar scraps that I wanted to use, a drawer of triangles already cut, and the indigo fabric ironed for another project. It seemed as if I was fated to start this project,and it's proving painless so far.
I'm round at Keryn's place at the moment having a delicous meal of curried homegrown vegies, and a bottle of nice wine. I have sneakily suggested that she make the pink nine patches (because she Loves them so..) while I do the brown and cheddar units from step two. It's mostly from scraps so far, so I feel quite virtuous, and if Keryn helps we might be able to keep up.

I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I'm enjoying being told what to do! Bonnie has taught me Obedience!


julieQ January 04, 2009  

Yahoo! It is so fun, I am doing it too....a great way to use up stash. The fun of it is not knowing what it will look like...

sewprimitive karen January 04, 2009  

Oh, this is the funniest post. I feel exactly the same way, have not tried one of Bonnie's Mysteries for exactly the same reasons, have begun this one I guess for the same reason that the block was cute, also the colors. If only I had a twin here to help me with the nine patches. The only thing missing in your post is the recipe for the curried veggies.

julieQ January 05, 2009  

Whaaaahhhh! She is going so fast!!! Lots of parts of the mystery up now!! I am determined to keep up... :)

meggie January 05, 2009  

Now you have me curious. I am going to have to see what it's about at Bonnie's.

sewkalico January 06, 2009  

I am doing the mystery too as I loved the Orange Crush one, but I am not managing to keep up!!!
When I first saw the photo and saw two glasses of wine I though Whoa there! You'll be too tipsy to get your squares together LOL (But then I read that they weren't both for you hee hee)

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