Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I can't begin to tell you what a horrible day it is here today. It's disgustingly hot and the thought of turning on the machine and quilting is ludicrous. No binding of the Double delight either, or I'd probably faint!

I watered the shadehouse early, then came in and spent a while preparing some applique, basting the shapes and marking the blocks. However the pencil I'm using is water soluble and the marks were disappearing so I had to give that up.

I tried to do some watercolours, but the paint dried almost instantly on the brush, so after fiddling for a while I had to abandon that too.
I pulled a kit of cut pieces out and made a few blocks, but everything was sticking to me in a most irritating fashion, so I stopped and went into the kitchen, where I made a cheesecake to have for tea tonight. I think it's too hot to have anything but a salad and a nice dessert, definitely no cooking!The online weather page for our district has updates from various centres; the town on the coast which is always cooler is 42.5 C (107 F) and the other nearest observation station is 45.1 C (113 F). We're in between the two towns, and I don't need to go outside with a thermometer to know it's HOT!!

It never ceases to amaze me that I can sit here in blogland reading about the northern winter, and see the most fantastic pictures of snow and ice, while sweltering in our absurd summer heat.
No doubt some of you are envying us our warm weather, but I've had enough already! And I have air conditioning which is a blessing, even though it's it's not coping so well at these temperatures. I'd be a nutcase without it but it's not making enough of a difference today sigh...


Tazzie January 28, 2009  

I'm hearing you hon - it's ridiculously hot. The temp in my car was reading 48c on the way home from the quilt store today. Bring on a cool change!

QuiltingFitzy January 28, 2009  

I live in the Sonoran Desert of the SW USA. Our summer temps are every bit as high but we have no humidity. Today, while most of the midwest is hit with ice and snow storms I put my hoodie on and go out to clean the pool. I wouldn't trade it for any place else!

Be kind to yourself in these high temps!

pdudgeon January 29, 2009  

we've got 44 degrees (6.7C) this morning and it's foggy outside. today's weather should be interesting. our high is supposed to be 68 (20C) and then drop down to 28 (-2.2C) degrees tonight, with thunder,lightening, and lots of rain in between as a cold front passes thru. in another 6 months we'll probably be sweltering thru your temps with the AC on 24/7.

I'd love to know how you prep your applique. I have some Rose of Sharon pieces to make, and am having a heck of a time with the curves. i love piecing, but am determined to learn applique.

Katie Z. January 29, 2009  

I must admit, I don't envy your hot weather - I'd rather be cold and build a nice fire! Good luck cooling down.

tami January 29, 2009  

I don't envy you your hot humid weather, but I am sitting here in my house working from home because we are in the middle of huge snow storm. Negative temperatures and 12 - 16 inches expected before tomorrow morning. I would prefer somewhere in the middle. I am not a lover of extremes.

SueR January 29, 2009  

Gasp, 113 degrees! I'd rather be here in the northeast with my snowstorm! I'd never survive those summer temps!

meggie January 31, 2009  

It is so exhausting trying to keep cool! They tell us it is coming our way...

Jenni February 06, 2009  

Love your watercolours - very nice. Do you take commissions? I feel for you in the terrible heat, I hope there aren't too many bushfires.

Lori in South Dakota February 08, 2009  

Love the striped bags. I can understand why they would outlaw them, but if they do, I will have no small trash can liner!

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