Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This customer quilt is done and waiting to be picked up, and it really irks me that the embroideries are puffy from not being quilted. The customer is looking forward to hand quilting around these by herself, but I don't like giving things back that don't look 'finished'. Keryn says I should just get over it, but I do want everything to look as good as I can make it when it leaves here.

Finally this top is finished, after who knows how many years.It joins the stack of tops waiting to be quilted, and those empty areas of shirting should provide some fun.
And Ta Da! The Double Delight mystery is finished. I had it almost sewn together a week ago and then I just couldn't face the last two long rows across the middle for some reason. I kept putting it off until I made myself sit down and do them- strange how we get hung up on certain steps.Although, come to think of it, this may have been why I temporarily abandoned it. Excuse my extremely stubby fingers, this looks more like a thumb but is my left index finger.
It has a partly healed cut, a blood blister, innumerable pinpricks from the applique needle, and the whitish area is a blister from a steam burn when I was ironing. When I was pinning those seams(every three inches, mind you!) the pins kept slipping into the cut, and making it bleed, and the air was pretty blue with not-so-muffled oaths. By gum it hurt. Perhaps my subconcious was just telling me to give it a rest while the poor finger healed.

When Rob was little he called all injuries "damages". I can still remember an accident prone week and his anguished wail of "How can a boy survive FOUR damages on one leg!" (He did.) I feel the same way about my poor finger- how can I survive all those damages? Well I obviously will, and the process goes quicker if I stop sticking sharp metal things in it.......


Donna January 20, 2009  

yup, all those damages look like a good reason for a healing break... :-)

Lori in South Dakota January 20, 2009  

Double delight makes me think of stained glass windows. Hope your damages heal fast!

Alice January 20, 2009  

I don't know why you worry so much about 'puffiness'. Looking at old Amish quilts (I only have photos) they often have big spaces around the elaborate quilting, and they look great. Maybe I am justifying myself because I am not a 'dense':)


Alice January 20, 2009  

Oops - I meant to say; not a dense 'quilter'


Sew Create It - Jane January 21, 2009  

Beautiful quilts...all of them. You'll have to see if you can get a pic of the embroidered one when she finishes the hand-quilting.

YankeeQuilter January 21, 2009  

Your poor finger! Take care of it...I had applique damages and forgot to wrap it before working with some vintage quilts. Ended up with a nasty infection and a long lecture from my nurse/quilt friends. (so I am passing on their lecture in an abbreviated form and without the shaking head....)

Jeri January 22, 2009  

What beautiful quilts! I like your "old UFO" as well as the Double Delight. I haven't seen it done in any other colors, but I agree that the pink/gold/blue is beautiful! OH- hope your finger heals quickly. ((hugs))

meggie January 23, 2009  

So sorry for the 'damages'!
It all tends to heal up quickly, & is a distant memory before we know it!

Colleen formerly of South Africa January 24, 2009  

Love the latest quilts....adore the DD.... I have only completed part 1...and cut 2. Hope to work on it some on Sunday.

Dineke January 24, 2009  

Reading about your pour hurt finger made me shiver. I hope it heals soon. Love your latest quilts by the way.

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