Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yes Henrietta, I'm still here,thanks for the wake-up shout! I don't know what happened to the last week, one moment it was Christmas and now it's New Year. I have hazy memories of a food
induced torpor (mm, leftovers!!) and a massive book binge that saw me finish four books in four days. One was 600 odd pages long, and they have all run together in my mind so that the characters and plots are completely jumbled. Next year I don't think I'll indulge myself like that again, I have literary indigestion.The family got on great, there were games with the dogs and mock sword fights on the lawn like a scene from the Princess Bride, hysterical bouts of Pictionary and companionable laughter in front of the telly. I do love my boys and the girls they've chosen....

Exactly 21 years ago I was in labour with Matthew, not the most comfortable way to welcome in the New Year. But he was worth it, and I can't believe it was that long ago. Keryn and I are now going to watch a dvd and raise our glasses to the New Year,and Matt's coming of age, remember the old year and make plans for the next. I hope 2009 is a great year for all of us and that you'll hang around and see what Keryn and I get up to!


Anonymous,  December 31, 2008  

I always love to read your blog as well as Keryn's and I hope we all have a successful New Year in 2009.

antique quilter December 31, 2008  

enjoy your blog! love the pictures of the dogs, too cute!
Happy New year!

Andrea January 01, 2009  

A very Happy 2009 to you and Keryn. xx

pdudgeon January 01, 2009  

sounds like a fabulous literary vacation was in order at your place.
Love the pics of the dogs looking at the tree. makes me wonder what was going thru their thoughts...
so glad you had fun with family over the holidays.

Happy New Year!

Lori in South Dakota January 01, 2009  

so glad Henrietta checked on you! Holidays have lots of overindulging moments, and not always with books. I am hoping most mine went in ziplock bags with DD! Yes, will wait to see what the New Year brings you.

meggie January 02, 2009  

Happy New Year to you & yours Mereth. Lovely dog pics!

Quilty Cat January 02, 2009  

Love the dog pics. Also laughed and liked the 'Literary indigestion" comment. Happy New Year! Carmel

Henrietta January 02, 2009  

Loved the grand dog pictures, loved hearing from you, looking forward to loving the girlification of the new building. My little ginger cat is above my desk so I think about you every day.

Best wishes for a happy and fulfilling New Year to you and yours

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