Saturday, January 10, 2009

Phew, the blocks are finally done. I'm going to try to get these all together this weekend, I love the top so far and I want to know what the borders are going to be. I just adore this colour scheme, and I've seen some lovely versions in blogland.Most people seem to have followed Bonnies colours exactly though- why not if they work so beautifully?
I have to put the binding on this quilt and the customer intends to hand quilt all the embroidered blocks herself. It should look absolutely gorgeous when she's finished.

I gave Macca this tug of war toy for Christmas, but everyone quickly tired of having their wrists dislocated and shoulders pulled out of their sockets by his enthusiastic wrestles. Matt hung it from a tree , and now Mac can entertain himself and onlookers without anyone being injured.
He chases this thing around until he's exhausted, leaping and swinging from it, and because it's rubber it bounces under his weight.
He's delighted with it, and when he's so out of breath he needs a rest, he just swings lazily around
with it gripped in his teeth. "Watcha doing, Macca?"
His eyes flick happily in my direction, but he won't let go. "Nothing" he grins, "Just hangin' around!"


meggie January 10, 2009  

Can't wait to see your quilt together. It is looking so nice.
Macca looks ecstatic!

pdudgeon January 11, 2009  

someone had a great idea when they hung the toy up! it's wonderful that he can entertain himself like that, and great exercize for him too.

julieQ January 12, 2009  

You are so much farther ahead than I am! I love your blocks, so pretty. I bet it is all together now!! Your doggie is pretty determined to have a good time. :) What a cutie!

Jenni January 14, 2009  

You've got to love dogs! What a great way to keep him busy. I'm amazed how you finish the blocks as quickly as you have, let alone those 'other' people out there. They must be possessed!

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