Monday, January 26, 2009

Today was Australia Day, and Keryn and I joined the breakfast festivities that were held in the town square, just a few steps from her house. It's so handy that she lives in the centre of everything! We took chairs and a cup of coffee in our travel mugs and once we'd set ourselves up we stood in line at the sausage sizzle. We had bacon and sausages and there were eggs and toast and champers and orange juice- what a breakfast! And no washing up afterwards.
We watched a friend receive his Citizen of the Year award, listened to a few speeches and saw the flag unfurled, then stood to sing the national anthem. The magpies carolled in the trees, a warm breeze gave a hint of the heat to come and I was grateful once again that we have such a lovely place to live in. Australians don't make a big deal about their patriotism, but it's there all the same and it was nice to share it with all our friends.

And of course there had to be cake, our famous Aussie lamingtons, and then home to a quiet day of sewing and watching the tennis or cricket. Good stuff.
And this is the last photo of the Double Delight, even though it's not bound I promise I won't show it again.
Keryn digitised her Double Plume panto, which is what Bonnie used on the original, and now I just have to make the binding and it's done. The backing was made from a precious fabric that was so old that I was quite devastated to use it, but as Keryn pointed out it was dull as ditchwater. Loved the print but it couldn't be used happily with any other fabric. A few strips bought it out to the right size and I was satisfied knowing that the whole quilt was made with scraps and pieces that I wanted to use up.
I did enjoy this, and love the effect of all those pieces, but now I have to get back to my own projects after that very entertaining sidetrack.


Cornfield Quilter January 27, 2009  

Love your DD quilt! I never get tired of seeing it, they are all wonderful.
I wasnted to let you know that I have completed the quilt that I made from copying one of your tutorials from. It is my most favorite quilt I own and I appreciate your showing the block on your blog. You can take a look at it at

Jan Mac January 27, 2009  

I love all your quilts so I don't mind if you want to show DD again sometime LOL. I don't usually write a comment but I still check your blog daily. Hugs JJ

Brenda January 27, 2009  

It's just lovely. Hope mine is just as good when it is finished. I'm thinking that might be 2015 LOL

meggie January 31, 2009  

I never get tired of seeing your quilts! I love that DD!

Helen in the UK February 01, 2009  

Your Double Delight looks wonderful. Whilst it is probably sad to use the fabric for the backing, you can now enjoy it every time you use the quilt :)

sewkalico February 01, 2009  

Love both the back and front of your DD! Mine's on hold until I can 'drive' my sewing machine and car again... :-)

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