Saturday, February 07, 2009

The heat continues, every day has been over 100 degrees for the last ten days but a cool change is supposed to be coming tomorrow. I'm at the stage of believing it will never be cool again, and I certainly can't imagine wearing my beloved wool socks any time soon. It's just so Boring being hot all the time, and everyone is sick of it. Not to mention the short tempers- I snap at Keryn and apologise, then she snaps at me and says sorry....Honestly I think we're all partly insane at this time of year and it's just because we're TOO HOT!!!!!

I have customer quilts waiting but it's over 100 in the workroom and I don't want to run the machine in those temperatures, let alone stand there myself. So I've been doing things at home, mainly pulling out old projects and sorting through the UFO's.

I've nearly finished three tops, but I took them around Keryn's to photograph and forgot them, so no photos yet. I still need to put borders on two of them, but they're well on the way to being completed.
I'm trying to pull these assorted brown blocks into some sort of top, but I don't think it's very interesting. I obviously have to try a bit harder, but I keep getting side tracked with other UFOs. I have so very many to choose from!And very shortly plastic shopping bags will be illegal in South Australia, so I've been making some sturdy grocery bags. I don't like the green ones you can get at the supermarket, mainly because the handles are too long. I'm so short that the bag sits on the ground unless I wrap the handles around my fist, and that hurts. My bags are much stronger and they're nice and stripey too.This morning I looked out of the sunroom window and saw these five parrots sitting on the clothes line. They'd been having a lovely splash and freshen up in Macca's pool and they were preening and fluffing themselves out to dry.Excuse the photo quality, but I stuck the camera between the venetian blinds, and the window was quite dusty, so I'm just amazed that anything came out!
I hadn't thought of the birds enjoying the water, and I won't empty it out now; they can come and have a bath whenever they want. I'll put a couple of bricks in there though, so that it's easier for them to get in and out.


pdudgeon February 08, 2009  

oh i do hope that you get some relief soon from those temps! i agree it would be terrible to be stuck in 100+ degree heat.
love the shopping bags--those are very beautiful and gay. and good for you for thinking about the birds. i know they loved that water.

Sue February 08, 2009  

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, it's COLD! We've had temps to -15 some days in the last month. It's strange to think of it being so hot elsewhere. And parrots on the clothesline! We only get to see them in cages, that's pretty cool.

Hilary Metcalf February 09, 2009  

We have a bird bath that I can see from my kitchen window - we keep it topped up with the hose -probably illegal with our water restrictions - the birds come all the time - it is like a little oasis in this horrible, parched inferno that SE Aus seems to be trapped in. Even in winter, when it ices over the birds get in and splash around. It is too deep for the little birds - they splash and drink from a little fish pond and fountain outside my bedroom. We also put out seed for the birds in winter - the cockatoos screech and carry on like - well, galahs, I suppose! hanging upside down from the feeder and tipping all the seed out because they are so big this tip it over. We just keep filling it up, and the little birds eat the seed from the ground.

Lynda (Granny K) February 09, 2009  

I've been watching Australia on our news programmes and am so sorry to hear about the awful fires and problems you have been having.
I hope and pray that there is respite soon.

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