Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Well, I don't know how I did that, but two readers told me that when they clicked on the photo of the customer quilt in the last post, another quilt came up. I had originally loaded this picture to the post and then deleted it because I thought it looked too boring to blog about. Nothing for it but to tell you about it now I suppose.

Keryn is absolutely sick of me playing with my revolting old fabrics and the boring bits from my quilting past. We have so much beautiful fabric and so many inspiring ideas, and I still go back out of a sense of duty and try to finish these abandoned projects. And I can't say I loved them once because the only reason I ever started them was to use fabric I no longer liked.

I made these blocks about three years ago, and I wanted them to look like an old farm quilt I saw on ebay. I wanted to use up funny lights and bits of blues and greens that were hanging around. I like blocks that are just two colours, a light and a dark- simple to sew and then just whack them all together.

I came up with the brainwave that I'll use this as the backing for the double reel top that I just finished, again using up fabric I wanted to get rid of. But I needed two more blocks to make it longer, so I went back to the Drawer of Abandonment.

This time it turned out to be the Drawer of Requirement, because I found a practice block (really yecchy fabric) and another that had the dark and light reversed. I should have made them all like this, they're much more interesting. So the top(backing) was finally long enough but I had to add borders all around so that it can be loaded on Millhouse and centre the top properly on it. Most of the border fabric top and bottom will be cut away, which is why it looks so incongruous- I just used stuff that could be discarded.

Keryn is away in Melbourne teaching, but I can feel her shaking her head and muttering."Use the Good Stuff, for pity's sake!!" Soon, master, soon!


Donna August 13, 2008  

use the good stuff and enjoy it before it too becomes this "revolting old fabrics and the boring bits from (your)quilting past" ! :-)

julieQ August 13, 2008  

This is the good stuff, too! I love your blocks.

Harmany Quilting August 13, 2008  

Well it all works really well and yes there are great pieces of fabric, however isn't quilt great? Rhubarb to Keryn. ;-))))

Nicola in West Australia

Maggie A August 13, 2008  

Well I think it looks lovely!

Diane August 14, 2008  

Many of us feel obligated to work with fabrics we "no longer like." But, life is short (I speak from experience here). USE THE GOOD STUFF and donate the rest to a guild for charity quilts.

Henrietta August 17, 2008  

Crosses and Losses is so much a prettier name than Anvil Block which is what it is called here. If you turn it around it becomes Jacobs Ladder which is fun.

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