Sunday, August 31, 2008

I finally finished the quilting on this old top and now I just have to bind it. This was all done using computerised designs so Keryn has to take all the credit for creating the patterns on this one.
I'm getting the hang of using the new system Creative Studio, after putting all these blocks in place. It's like anything, there's skill involved and you can still place designs badly or make mistakes. Having the computer stitching option doesn't guarantee perfect results - a lot still depends on the operator.

I've been busy freehanding all the stitchery tops we're getting, that seems to be my area of preference and what I love doing. Each to their own!
This is on the machine at the moment and the colours are so pretty and fresh. I love working on these tops, so different to those I make for myself.


Carol August 31, 2008  

You all do beautiful quilting...if only I lived nearby.

Mary September 01, 2008  

I always think how nice it must be to share the machine with your sister. I couldn't share with one sister - she has her own and always has a quilt on but it would be nice if I lived closer to my sister Ann, I think we could share my machine.

The quilts look lovely, each type of quilting certainly has it's place and so nice that you have the option to do both.

Sue R September 02, 2008  

That blue quilt with the stars is so sweet and so appealing--I just love it. Beautiful!

meggie September 04, 2008  

The quilting on the blue star quilt is enhancing to the design. It is beautiful.
Love the fresh colours of the client quilt.

Down Comforter October 07, 2008  

beautiful color combinition
i love it

Evisu Jeans February 12, 2009  

I am impressed from the way you recovered after the remodelling and gratefull you remembered to share the colors of life with us.

Free Cycling Website April 14, 2009  

I liked the creativity of using wires so beautifully that once can't live without saying some thing about it. May 01, 2009  

You are so welcome! I LOVE your blog. It is so inspiring, and one of the first blogs I visit each day

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