Sunday, August 10, 2008

Earlier this week I decided to go through my project boxes for something to handsew during the Olympics. I have my little hexagons, but I've been working on them a while, and wanted some variety. Wouldn't do to get bored during the Olympics! I found these Feathered 16 Patches that I started years ago and despite thinking that I only had about 8 done, the sewing elves had been busy and there were 23 blocks finished.(!!?How? I can't remember doing that many!) I sorted them out, cut the remaining 5 blocks I needed, even the triangles for the setting and generally got myself organised.
Except then I kept sewing them every night and now they're all done and ready to be set together, so I guess it's back to the rosettes and my spiral heel-less sock. I figured this would be the ultimate in mindless knitting, just a tube and then a toe. No need to miss any of the action following a pattern.

And this is a customer quilt, from a kit by Pam Holland. The lady wanted it stippled, and by gum she got it! Death by Stippling....?
The backing had been cut the same size as the top and couldn't be loaded on Millhouse, so I went back to my Janome 6500 to do this. My wrists are still aching, but it was only a small project, thank goodness.


Tazzie August 10, 2008  

My goodness Mereth, the quilting is just stunning! Your customer will be entirely thrilled I'm sure. You have been busy indeed.

country log cabin quilter August 10, 2008  

I love those blocks! Can you send some of those sewing elfs to Texas?

sewprimitive karen August 10, 2008  

Oh goodness, it's all so beautiful. I LOVE your blog :-). The rainbow over the water is superb.

Sara August 10, 2008  

Say, I'm also knitting socks during the Olympics. I'm a beginner, so the idea of a heel-less tube sock appeals greatly. Where did you get the pattern?

meggie August 11, 2008  

I sit in gobsmacked awe, of your stippling. I love that you are knitting socks, & creating those fabulous blocks.
Crawling off to rethink!!

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