Monday, August 11, 2008

Today was patchwork and I took my Stack and Whack to work on. One of the group had her head screwed on right because she brought her little TV and so I got to sew and watch the Equestrian at the same time. Excellent!

I still didn't get much done because I helped a friend who'd missed the class last time- we got her blocks cut and three hexagons sewed before she had to leave.I do love seeing the different fabric choices; three people had their blocks sewn into rows and not once did I think to get my camera out. What a twit! I must take photos when they're all finished.I ditched the wishy washy cream I was going to set these with and chose a vibrant dark red instead. Much more interesting, but the light was so bad I couldn't see what I was doing and gave up in favour of helping the others and watching telly. After all, the Olympics only comes every 4 years, doesn't it?
Got a new customer quilt too, this is someone's first attempt at patchwork! Pretty good stuff, and I have some new purple variegated thread that will look wonderful on this. This should liven up the bedroom of the little girl it's intended for.


YankeeQuilter August 11, 2008  

Isn't the Olympics great for finishing quilts! I got a border on during the men's gymnastics and finished lots of ironing during the equestrian events! Too bad they are only every four years...

meggie August 12, 2008  

That customer quilt is very pretty! Lucky child.
I am not sure how I feel about those stack & whacks...

chrisee August 12, 2008  

Hey Mereth, an interesting point...when I clicked the child's quilt, a completely different quilt appears.....those stack n whacks are intriguing...

Jeanne August 13, 2008  

I had the same clicking experience as chrisee.

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