Sunday, August 03, 2008

Here are some more photos from my trip, this place rejoices in the name of Nobby's Head, and is really stunning. But those two little black specks are people surfing- far too cold and wet for me. I love to look at the sea, but I don't like being on it or in it.Can you see the rainbow trailing from the wave? And another silly black speck of a someone.
Lovely scenery.

I'm having trouble getting back into the swing of things, I feel like I'm scrambling to catch up after my interlude away. Customer quilts are building up to a level I'm not comfortable with and we're doing our best to get them down to a workable number. I think I'd be happy with any single digit number at the moment, perhaps that should be the goal next week.

I'm not happy in my sewing room either, I've lost my way on the projects I was doing, and while I continue putting the pieces together, I think I need to have a big think about them soon. We need Direction, people!

Keryn taught a Stack and Whack class last week at the patchwork group, so I have a new project too. I wish I'd thought to take photos of everyone's work, there were so many different fabrics and they all turned out great. We didn't want to go home and ended up staying an hour and a half past the normal break up time because no-one wanted to stop. That's the sign of a good class!
I bought this fabric ten years ago when Keryn and I were in America at the Machine Quilters Showcase. I think it was a Paula Nadelstern design that was made especially for cutting up into kaleidoscope quilts, and it's sat in my stash ever since. I knew I would use it one day, and suffice it to say I want more but there's no hope of getting this again!I'll have enough for a small quilt, and I have some other gorgeous fabric I want to make a large Stack and Whack from, so it's really only a test piece. I just love the possibilities of twisting and turning these bits, sometimes it's hard to decide which you like best.
The following pictures are the same triangles, just turned in different directions.

I chose the latter one but I like the others too. See why I want more of this fabric?


Suzie August 04, 2008  

What wonderful pictures!!!I wish so much I could feel the sea breeze and contemplate the waves! When I see that I feel like sewing another blue quilt :0)))
Your stack and whack is so beatiful, I love all the blocks you've made! Of course you ought to have more of this fabric!!
Have a nice and creative week!

Mary August 05, 2008  

Beautiful photos - I love the water and one day I'd like to live at the beach.

While I'm not usually a fan of Stack and Whack quilts, this fabric creates lovely designs.

I'm also behind between moving and traveling and set a goal to quilt 10 tops by August 31, luckily my quilting is for charity and family not customers but I still end up stressed if I have too many tops from other people here. Today I quilted a HeartStrings top with your Feather Me pantograph - it's such a pretty design and quilts up easily that it's one of my favorites.

meggie August 05, 2008  

I have often wondered how those Stack & Whack's are made. I like all the different designs formed too.

JudyL August 06, 2008  

The scenery is beautiful! I understand your feeling . . I've just finished a large project and can't seem to get motivated to start something new. Love your S&W blocks . . makes me want to do another one.

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