Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I got back home on Sunday afternoon, boy delivered safely to Newcastle and settled in to new space. Here he is modelling the quilt for the benefit of Aunty Keryn- he even put it on the bed in the hotel room where we stayed, so I think he likes it!

I only had a morning to look around before I flew home, and we went to the beach- glorious sand and surf and sun...I was very impressed with the place and think he and Elisa will love it there.
I don't know where I'm at; got 200 photos to look at and 5 new customer quilts came while I was gone- I'll post properly soon but at the moment I don't know whether I'm Arthur or Martha, as my Mum used to say! (That seems strange now that I think of it. Implies a bit of gender confusion, but she meant that everything was disorganised and chaotic. Might have to do some research...)


Karol-Ann August 01, 2008  

That's a lovely photo! He looks so happy with his quilt. Can't get a better picture than that in your heart!!!

Sweet P August 01, 2008  

He looks so happy with his quilt! The beach photo is fantastic!

meggie August 03, 2008  

Lovely quilt! He sure looks happy with it. So glad you saw where he will be living, & visited the beach.
We always used the Arthur Martha saying too!

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