Sunday, June 08, 2008

Talk about boring sewing- look at what I've been doing. Mending three pairs of old jeans for Matt and taking up the hems of three pairs of pants for me. I was so sick of tripping over the basket of mending that I finally gave in and just did it. Six pairs of pants put back into circulation- why doesn't that give me a greater feeling of accomplishment I wonder? And no, I was forbidden to neaten up the hems of his jeans, so they have to stay raggedy, just the way he likes them.

I spent some time this morning cutting more pieces for my red and yellow blocks.I didn't think I'd done much on this, but I have 17 blocks finished and I cut out 12 more and packaged them up. I'm trying to do 42, but I may get sick of them so I'm not committing myself.
Yesterday I spent a wonderful amount of time going through my sewing room, tidying fabric, stacking it away, and going through old projects that I unearthed from cupboards. In a tin I found this Rosette that I was working on many years ago, from vintage fabrics. I hadn't forgotten it, but I thought I'd only done one or two. Imagine my surprise when the tin was full of completed rosettes, 24 altogether. I'd even started sewing the white hexagons around some of them. It really is pretty, and I decided to try and work on this at night, before I start my knitting. I do love hand piecing and it goes surprisingly quickly when you have everything cut out and waiting.
I'd run out of print hexagons, so one of my tasks this week will be to cut out a heap and stock the tin again. I love my pretty Whitman's tins, but strangely the boys and I didn't like the actual chocolates and it took ages to get rid of them. I only wanted the tins anyway..
Another of Matt's photos, showing the creek running and some of the gorgeous gumtrees at Bowmans Park.


meggie June 08, 2008  

Funny about those Whitmans...Gom didn't care for them much either. I think he threw the tins away.
The rosettes are so pretty.

sewprimitive karen June 08, 2008  

Your rosettes project is wonderful. Hey, I would have eaten those Whitman chocolates for you :-).

loulee June 08, 2008  

Your rosettes look very pretty and girly. I love to see the hexagon quilts but never had the urge to start one.

Your red and yellow block on the top of the pile is yummy.

sewkalico June 08, 2008  

I love tins too and do the same i.e. buy them and then suffer the contents LOL. Lovely rosettes, nothing like a bit of hand-pieceing while watching telly and at least that mending is done now!

Sweet P June 08, 2008  

I love tins and any container that can be reused in my sewing room. The more unique that better. Your hexagons are looking great.

Cornfield Quilter June 09, 2008  

I have missed your posts and am happy to see that you are back. I love your rosettes and the tin you keep them in. They remind me of the Granmother's Flower Garden I hand pieced and am now hand quilting. There are alot of memories in the little pieces for sure.

Days and colors June 11, 2008  

I love your hexagons flowers, I wish I had a tin full with beatiful blocks! And talking about tins...I'm absolutely a tin collector!
Your red and yellow blocks looks really good, too!

Karen June 12, 2008  

Love your tin and the surprise within. I have a long, narrow tin with a hinged lid that a bottle of Jim Beam liquor came in (got the tin at a yard sale). I love it for storing quilting tools in. Can't lose the lid because it is attached.
I just got a package of the hexagon papers in the mail. Some day, I hope to start on a star pattern using them.
Your blog entries are always very interesting!

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