Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is the second top I finished last weekend. These blocks come from my manic Square in Square piecing days, when I made hundreds and hundreds of these little units. I've sewed them into 4 different sets of blocks, each enough for a queensize bed- did I get a bit carried away? Jury is still out on that one, because I'm still cutting scraps for them and piecing the 3 1/2" units as leader-enders. I have a drawer full and I'm nowhere near using them up but strangely enough it doesn't bother me.
Still, it's nice to cross this top off the list, based yet again on an old ebay quilt.
The setting fabric and border are a bit modern, but that's what looked good. Sometimes I think I'm going to reproduce an old quilt exactly and I just can't do it. This one had grey blue setting blocks and I realised that it just ended up looking Filthy, not old. So I switched to green, and while it's not the quilt I loved, it's alright.

I'll quilt something nice in those setting blocks, the stitching will show up well.

We had rain on the weekend, and when Matt came in from Bomans Park he had these photos.This is a causeway across the creek, and it was flowing pretty well after the storm.

In the 70's I can remember this concrete slab being torn away and washed downstream in a wild storm that also took out a huge bridge further down. The forces of nature are awe inspiring- this is only a tiny creek, but the noise of the water rushing down was amazing. (Matt took videos as well. What a good little reporter he is.)
The water was the colour of milk coffee, lots of soil being washed down unfortuneately.

Finally there was a rainbow,

a last flash of light,

and the clouds rumbled away into the sunset ....

and just think, I didn't have to get wet or cold to be able to see it. Nor do you, we'll leave all that up to Matt and the dogs!


Paula May 22, 2008  

Two really great quilts in two back to back posts!!! Congrats...and give yourself a big pat on the back!

*karendianne. May 22, 2008  

Woah. This second quilt is fantastic and I absolutely enjoyed reading how you took the inspiration and updated it a bit. You kept the spirit of the quilt. I'm impressed.

Cornfield Quilter May 22, 2008  

Another wonderful quilt! The colors are so soft looking. I also enjoyed the rain and then the rainbow pix. It makes you stop and really appreciate nature in all its glory!

meggie May 23, 2008  

Wonderful quilt top. I love the soft green, & the border fabric too.
Also very impressive pics of the creek in flood! Well done Matt.

Andrea May 24, 2008  

Yet another gorgeous quilt. You do the nicest stuff really.

Henrietta May 27, 2008  

What a beautiful photo essay, thank you for sharing and thanks also to Matt for making it possible. I am always fascinated by these glimpses into life in another country.

Sweet P May 29, 2008  

Your quilts are gorgeous. The photos are stunning too.

julieQ May 29, 2008  

Wow, what a lovely quilt top! You have been able to finish so much and still sew for "work" too. Wonderful work!

loulee June 08, 2008  

Wonderful nature photos. I love the moody skys.

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